Where is the 'cherry pop' thing located?

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I wouldn't know.

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The hymen is located inside the vagina but can be broken prior to intercourse for several reaosns. Horseback riders, people involved in gymnastics and those that engage in strenous exercise may have a broken hymen prior to intercourse. Breaking a womans hymen means nothing as compared to her virginity.

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Excuse me mr_smedheader ... I am a doctor, are you? why don't you do your research.

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That is your hymen, and it is a thin tissue membrane in your vagina near the very top.

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Mr. Smedheader*****

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well your both wrong it means you've becum a woman duhhh

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wow, I can't believe someone argued with mr_smedheader about something so silly. He was right from the begining. It is a thin membrane which partially covers the opening of the vagina. Apparently they are teaching this girl wrong at university, thankfully I chose to get away from the Nova Scotia universities. Overpriced, and apparent poor quality teaching, I'm glad to know that's where my tax dollars are ending up.


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well actually meggs ur still a med school student as i am, so technically we're really not doctors yet : )

and Mr smearheadz or whatever is right, it is at near the top of the VAGINAL OPENING, near the top of the vagina is urethera and then the clitoris........but u should already know that, ur on ur way to becoming a doctor : )

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Clitoris and uerthra at the front of mons pubis. Cervix at top of vagina. Hymen at vaginal opening. Go to wikipedia and type in "hymen," that way you don't have to go picking through who out of everyone is right. Wiki knows. And I'll second that Meggs needs to study a little harder.

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I believe your cherry is just another word for your hymen, tissue located inside your genital area, but at the opening. When it bleeds during athletics or losing your viginity, or just rough sex, is the time that you say "my cherry popped". I had a few reproductive surgeries, so I kind of have to know where certain things are and what they are.

Hope this helped...Have a good week!

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