Where is the cheapest place to live?

I’m looking to start my own life after college and become completely financially independent. Where’s a good place to move where land is cheap, the cost of living is low, and it’s liberal? Cold weather is good too.

Answer #1

Hello lucky0u,

It’s hard to say the cheapest place, but living in the outskirts of a liberal state might be nice. Living in a city (where many are liberal in nature) such as Boston, NYC, San Francisco, etc. is very very expensive. I think the trick is to move near these places but far away enough so that it’s not as expensive.

Answer #2

Paragould,Arkansas I’ve lived here for 30 years and I have traveled others places thinking of relocating but Its so cheap to live here I cant afford to move.Usually a 3 bedroom,1 1/2 bath cost between 45,000 to 80,000.And Land is cheap also I found 10 acres for 35,000.

Answer #3

If you move to Utah you have to become Mormon, is that part of having a new life? just kidding just kidding

Answer #4

Your parents house, very cheap but I cannot tell you how cold it is or where they live…

Answer #5

It’s certainly not in the USA, which looks very much like going down the drain at the moment. The UN’s Human Development Index lists quality of life and has had Norway and Canada at the top for years, though Iceland just pipped them this year. (The USA is down at 12). They’re all cold, but hardly cheap - it’ll cost you and arm and a leg to live in Norway. You get what you pay for - most cheap places have drawbacks. I’m visiting in the Philippines at the moment - it’s certainly cheap and the people are lovely, but you need patience and tolerance and it’s not cold. I usually live in London, which is very expensive indeed, but you can have a good life.

On the whole, I think you should live with the Inuits and learn to fish in the ice.

Answer #6

Move to Salt .lake City UTah its very cheap

Answer #7

in the woods, living off the land. not easy, but quiet, cheap, and a good place for solice. enough said

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