Where is the best place to snowboard?

I’m taking a trip out west next year and wanted to know which resort you would recommend. I’m looking for some good powder to carve.

Thanks, AmO

Answer #1

I’ve heard Colorado is a great place and you might also try somewhere in Canada

Answer #2

I like blue mountain:)

Answer #3

Utah’s got the best snow on Earth!!! no matter which resort you go to you’ll find pow. but I would seggest the Canyons, it’s great it’s easy to get away from the crouds and it’s huge. there are pow places for every level of rider. park city is also go but it gets skied out fast. canyons and pc can be price but if your a really good rider and looking for mad cliff drops and crazy lines I would go to snowbasin, brighton, or snowbird. there all great.

Answer #4

Colorado is great for skiing!! Copper Mountain in Colorado is AWESOME!!! It almost always has excellent powder, the trails are wonderful, and there are never ever crowds. Don’t confuse it with Cooper because they’re on completely different levels- Cooper is not for experienced skiers/snowboarders- it’s a ‘family’ place. Breckenridge is also really great- I would leave Aspen and Vail alone- really not worth your money. If you want to be surrounded by a bunch of teenagers go to Winterpark.

Answer #5

if youre headed to canada as makip has mentioned, 1) Mt. Norquay, Sunshine Village, Lake Louise Mountain Resort at Alberta are AWESOME, theyre 3 seperate resorts but you can get a pass that acsees you to go to all 3 (:

  1. Kicking Horse Resort in B.C. is also a good place if you are an expert or advanced boarder

  2. Mont-Tremblant in Quebec is also awesome… but sorta croweded and pricy!!

  3. last but no least Blue Mountain in Ontario - beautiful resort, where I mostly go to since I live in Ontario (:

look them up and see which suites you!!

Answer #6

crab mountain a really good place and big place to snowboard.

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