Where can I move?

Where is it cheap, has good jobs, no snow, and lots of stuff to do? I need out of this rotten stinking polluted town.

Answer #1

Dallas, TX. Its a great city and also cheap especially for housing. U can get a really nice apartment……..i’m talkin like 2-3 bedrooms and bathrooms 4 no more than 650 a month. I u want a house they have real nice houses down there too, especially in the suburbs. They have 3-5 bedroom and bathroom houses for like 150,000 225,000 compared to where i’m at (for now anyway NYC) houses up here is very epensive. Anyway if u like to eat Dallas has that too, being the 9th largest city in the country, and also one of the fattest, lol they have 150 places to eat and thats just within the 5-10 mile radius in the downtown area. When it comes to things to do they have Speedzone, a go-kart, arcade place, and miniature golf. Funfest, a bowling alley, arcade, billiards (pool) and a sports bar, and Dave N Busters which basiclly has all this stuff to but it also has a restaurant. Six Flags is 25 min away. If u don’t want to go there u should at least visit, just to say u been there before.

Answer #2

Lots of good places in Texas. Texas is probably the best combination of jobs, wages, and cost of living. Not the hippest or most cosmopolitan of places though.

I like Fort Worth Texas as well. The cost of living in Ft. Worth is a lower than Dallas (especially auto insurance, my car insurance almost doubled when I moved from Tarant to Dallas county). Ft. Worth has a great zoo and arboretum.

I live in Irving, the nice parts of town (Las Colinas and Valley Ranch) are a little expensive but the South part of town is cheap though a bit run down.

Austin Tx. is very nice, probably the hipest city in Texas but the traffic sucks.

If you like smaller college towns Denton Texas is nice. Great music scene there and the large number of students from University of North Texas and Texas Womans University keep the town young.

Answer #3

If u r good in computer skills ,then INDIA is the best place to live in….

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