Where is everyone from?

Im from perth w.a. Would love to get an idea where everyone is from on here.

Answer #1

Alberta, Canada =)

Answer #2

Dubai, UAE

Answer #3

Michigan. :P

I can’t wait untill I can move out!!! I HATE MICHIGAN!!! It’s way too friggin cold in the winter and way too friggen hot in the summer… >=[

Answer #4

leeds UK

pretty sh!tty

Answer #5

Well, it’s cold right now. We actually had big snow flakes yesterday…we were all going crazy!! We never know when we’ll see it again. lol. It didn’t stick…

sticks out lower lip and pouts

Other than that we all get our cowboy hats cleaned at the dry cleaners, ride down the street on our horses, and say howdy every 5 minutes…NOT!! Just kidding…its fun here in Texas. I’ve lived here all my life, and it’s awesome. You should visit sometime.

How are things in your neck of the woods?

Answer #6

wow I really should do some travelling. I have been to america the whole disney world florida thing but I was really young and was looking after kids so I didnt get out and meet the people. lol. tex in australia people think we have koalas in our trees and kangaroos jumping down the streets but thats not true either lol, where I live we have beaches surounding us and its a real holiday atmospere. thats why I moved here as whenever I came to visit I never wanted to leave. the kids love it and the people are crasy drivers but mostly nice. we dont have snow and its been around 40 degrees some days latelly. thank god for my pool . I should take some pics for you all !!

Answer #7

London too! Its not that cold today for me..Just been raining so much!

Would Anyone Like Some Tea?



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Answer #9

New Jersey, but I live in Atlanta, Georgia now

Answer #10

I’m from London, Freezingg cold here lol

Answer #11


Answer #12

Texas baby!

Answer #13

Nebraska ^^

Answer #14

Maine. =D

Answer #15

Colorado baby, ya! whooaaa, little austin powers moment!

Answer #16

Yes, Bigmuma, PICS, PICS. Sounds beautiful. I’m jealous. :)

Answer #17

Alberta, Canada!

Answer #18

peterborough, england.

Answer #19

Olathe, Kansas (USA) is where I live. Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico is where I was born.

Answer #20

cool such a mix. tex I sorta had a little idea where you were from lol. what is life like in texas ??

Answer #21

monterey, California. most beautiful place on earth

Answer #22


Answer #23

hey there, new south wales

Answer #24

Southern Australia…G’day fellow Aussie

Answer #25

Los Angeles, California baby! :D

Answer #26

I am from London,uk, but lived for 5 years in Australia as I also have an Aussie passport but now I live in Japan

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