Where do any of you travel to?

I love to travel and make sure every year that I go to london and vancouver b.c so where do you all go to on your down time?

Answer #1

Tokyo, Paris, and over september break Im going to Sydney or Auckland

Answer #2

Arizona, New Mexico, Italy, New Zealand (worth the $$), Washtucna Washington, trust me.

Answer #3

I’ve been to japan and it was badass…

Answer #4

I’ve been to fiji and vanuatu, and I’d love to go back to those places a 3rd time!

Answer #5

two summers ago I went to Las Vagas

Answer #6

Montreal in the winter for skiing. this summer I’d love to go to aussi :)

Answer #7

We live in Australia, so we tend to visit the USA a lot. Going again in June to Florida. Last week we went to India.

Answer #8

I also like to travel a lot …Most of the time I go to new york but I also been to califorina .. washinton ..chicago and I been to europe onces…

Answer #9

I absolutely love to travel, but unfortunately I haven’t made it to even a fraction of the places I’d love to see. My husband and I went to Puerto Rico last summer with some friends and we loved it. We usually try to just get to any sort of a beach every other summer or something. Hopefully I’ll get to Australia, Africa and Jamaica someday!!

Answer #10

american history id suggest hitting the east coast starting in philly hop amtrak ride to washington and nyc in a 2 hours time. great sport teams great beachs rich american history. really cant ask for more

Answer #11

love to travel! India, Nepal, Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Cyprus, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Philippines.. all over america.. Still have more places to visit on my wishlist ;) I have not only traveled to some of these places.. i have lived in them too.. i love new cultures.. different types of people and thinking!

Answer #12

In the US I like New Orleans, Boston, DC, NYC, LA and Vegas. In Europe my favorite city is Venice, followed by Paris, Florence, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and London. Dublin and Bruges are fun for a weekend but that was enough for me.

The places I want to go are St. Petersburg, Prague, Dubrovnic, Istanbul, Vienna, Salzburg and of course, the rest of Italy! Italy is my favorite country so far (after 4 visits).

Answer #13

Audtralia is magic!!

Answer #14

I am very much fond of travelling and most of the time I prefer to travel Australia.

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