Where can someone go to find jobs for convicted felons?

Where do convicted felons go to find jobs. No one seems to want to take them so their must be a special service that caters to them. Right?

Answer #1

You may want to contact your states Felony and Paroles Offices to see if they offer help or are aware of an agency that does…I understand each state is different

Good Luck and God Bless !!

Answer #2

Please stop with the excuses!! Man UP! Step 1: Wake up everyday before 7am minimum. 2: Don’t watch TV until you find a job 3: Learn a trade, go to college, apply for an apprentiship: most unions don’t even do a backgroup check. I know a felon working for the sheetmetal union in NV making $33/HR, w/ free health care and a pension after 25-years of work. 4: Learn a trade and open your own business. If getting licensed is out of the question you can always have your wife get a business license and you can run the business for her. The bottom line is you can either use every second of this day doing things positive and open your eyes to all the possibilities; or you can sit in the corner and let life pass you by while you continue to lie to yourself that you can’t get a job because your a felon. That’s the line lazy felons use who just want to stay home w/ mommy for a free ride. You have a choice and you can still have a good life if you want it and are willing to work for it!

Answer #3

I am a convivted felon and I also have been putting apps. in everywere. As soon as the people see that you have told the truth and have one they tell you that they don’t need you. I have four felonies so it is harder for me. The bad part about it is that sometimes your just in the wrong place at the wrong time and get caught in the middle of it all. But never give up there is some help out there some were. If nothing else go to your probation officer and try to get the help you need> They are more understanding then you think.

Answer #4

My husband is a convicted felon,we have 2 small kids,house fixing to be foreclosed,no money and he has applied everywhere and he still hasn,t come up with nothing.It is so hard on any felon. The laws need to be changed. How do they expect a felon and his family to make it. I was told recently that staff partners could help. Were going to try them and see. I can’t work right now because of an illness. It’s just so unfair.Good luck to all who read this, because we no exactly what your going through.

Answer #5

in ohio I know that you can work for the county. they hire felons expecially if you experience in a certain field.asking your P.O about this would probably be your best bet!good luck hope this helped:)

Answer #6

Check out UPS and newspaper delivery.

Answer #7

No felon one can get a job where money or trust are involved Nor can they get a job that requires a state license Also Insurance cos. wont insure a co. that hires a felon or convicted criminal Even if they want to hire you they cannot

You can start your own business or go back to crime Prison guards and police need job security–dont you know

Answer #8

Make sure you check out your state’s laws pertaining to civil rights reinstatement. They won’t allow you to be free from discrimination but when in an interview dropping the word “clemency” helps.

Answer #9

My son has been looking for a job in the Kanas City area and with no luck. He has done his time but the stigma cannot be overcome. Hed has two beautiful daughters that needs to be taken care of - still no takers. How long do you pay for a mistake??? Is there anyone that knows of jobs available in the KC area of convicted felons???

Answer #10

The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines won’t take you if you have more than 1 felony though. trust me my Husband jumped through ALL the hoops trying to get in to one of those since no one will hire him being a convicted 2 time felon.

Answer #11

I used to be a corrections officer for 11 yrs and I was brought up on chargers to make a long story short I pled to a lesser charge gave up my position witch I loved very much and I was giving probation how can I find a job if anyone knows please let me know I’m in NJ.

Answer #12

my mom has a felony on her record and hasn’t had a “real” job for the past 4 years since her crime..we live in southern md and it’s hard for her to find anything that will hire her because she needs security clearance or has to pass a background check. i have no idea where she can get a job that’s do-able. people will hire her based on her work experience, but the second they find out about her felony- they fire her. if anyone has any more ideas as to what i can do to help her find a job to be able to support my 2 other siblings..that would be much appreciated.

Answer #13

I have a felony on my record..needless to say i dont have a job either..really sucks considering i have a child on the way and no way to pay for anything. tried the army but they said no, tried my state representative, he said nothing could be done.
i paid for my crime by serving time in the prison system, now 7 years later, i am still paying for my crime..someone help me, i have no answers..

Answer #14

I just found this website called hard2hire.org, try it out. Best of Luck!

Answer #15

In washington state where I have one felony conviction that is 8 years old, it is very hard to find a job. I work in healthcare. what makes it interesting is that I hold a valid state healthcare license but yet have been turned away from jobs due to a felony charge for forgery. its a catch 22. its like giving someone a drivers license but forbidding them to drive. I got laid off a month ago and am looking for a job yet again, but I have found that if I am upfront with employers..I may get a few no’s but if you are consistant, you will get a yes as well. its always in your best interest to find out exactly what are you states laws pertaining to companies hiring or not hiring you based on a conviction. Here in washington, unfortunutly, it is not considered discrimination if you are not hired because every company or business has a legal right to enforce a “policy” as long as it is not based on race,age,gender etc…

Answer #16

“You can’t forget that if the applicant is well qualified, or MORE than qualified, that it is discrimnation for that company NOT to hire a felon that has done his time, etc. It is against the law.”

This is absolutely not true. The Equal Employment Opportunity Act prohibits companies from discriminating people based on race, sex, pregnancy, religion, origin, disability, age, or possible military deployment. It is perfectly legal to not hire someone because of previous behavior, including criminal activity.

In 2004 a man in Pennsylvania sued a retail company for refusing to hire him due to his felony conviction. The Supreme Court determined that employment practices are only illegal if they are designed or used to prevent the hiring of applicants based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, and the company can’t show that the practice is job related. Ultimately the man’s case was dismissed.

Answer #17

You can’t forget that if the applicant is well qualified, or MORE than qualified, that it is discrimnation for that company NOT to hire a felon that has done his time, etc. It is against the law. A cover letter alerting the company as to why you were convicted, what you did to rectify the crime (time, probation, community service, etc), what you have done since you were released, why you won’t be a worry to them in the future, and a mention of your understanding why the company would hesitate to hire, but is legally bound to consider you for employment (but not in a “I’ll sue you” way)…. that kind of thing should help any convicted felon to get the job, sometimes the conviction was BS, or ya had a bad lawyer, etc. etc. Depending on the crime you committed of course. If you robbed a bank don’t go apply as a teller. Seriously though, if you jump the gun and put it in their face with an explaination then they may not consider your crime a hinderance to you being hired. If you have unreal probabtion that will interfere with the schedule, don’t apply. being a felon doesn’t mean you can’t get a good job, or a job doing something you enjoy. It just means you have to be smarter and harder working than someone that doesn’t have a record.

Answer #18

I am from the NYC area and I was convicted of felon back in 1995. Since then I have obtained an AAS and a BS in Public Accounting. It is a two edged sword. I have had DA’s, politicians even families members tell me that I wasn’t going to amount to anything. Here I am today with degrees. Still ignorance is out there. I have had problems with interviewers, once they see the yes box checked, the atmosphere suddenly becomes stall. A perfect example is how the public views CPA’s, they believe that CPA’s are fraud police but in fact aren’t, a CPA is an individual that evaluates and records transactions of businesses. This leads us into a term called reality. Not all CPA’s practice ethics and thus the fall of Enron, Global Crossings or MCI happens. Yet the public still views the CPA as a law abiding citizen. My point is the public is baised. They can not distinguish the difference between a child molester or a drug pusher. Both commited crimes but the injustice lies in is the incarceration period. The former would get a slap on the wrist (probably a year or more but not more then three) while the latter would get (depending on the quantity and classification) anywhere from a year to ten even life. This is how our society works. Do not listen to some of these ignorant comments especially the ones who proclaim the lower level jobs. It is hilarous that ex felons can clean toilet bowls, serve food even deliver mail but are barred from the good jobs that will from time to time get someone who doesn’t have a record but nevertheless gets convicted of one. Go to school and get a Masters or PHD. Felons aren’t barred from education (just a lengthy process). The people you meet will point you to the right direction. Your pride and composure will be attacked but you can overcome the stigma by letting people know who you are and not what you did. It is a conspiracy, making money is the root of capitalism. Do not let those within the capitialistic environment dictate how you should earn that worthless peice of paper that has the full backing of the United States of America.

Answer #19

In Chicago, felons can contact the Safer Foundation. The staff will help with everything from busfare to job placement. They offer job training, substance abuse counseling, referals for medical and clothing. I am a felon and if you are willing to prepare yourself, you’ll probably get a decent job. GOOD LUCK!

Answer #20

This is the reason felons cant get careers ,vote or even get housing.

This country relies on the backbone of America the back bone being the blue collar worker.The more blue collar workers you have the more work you can get done at a cheap price.the united states amendment rites act states that no man can take your right to vote no matter what .but some how they figured out a way to take my right away . the job markets are wide open so long as you’ve never been caught for your dirty deeds in life.make one mistake and its off to the labor fields for you.the less rich people there are the more poor people there is to work for the rich.so I have this to say even starting your own business you are still going to have to take the crap road your going to have to compete with your equals the illegal immigrants .I make the same pay as an illegal immigrant I have an education I am skilled with I.T. background does that matter? NO.This country is designed to keep you poor and desperate.The American dream is a crock of $&!# don’t fool yourself into thinking your life will get any better its been 13 years for me and I still pay every day for 1 mistake I made when I was a young and dumb but hey keep your head up somethings bound to come your way .only way we would ever get a chance to change things is to vote !!! OHHH wait I cant vote hmmm isn’t that ironic. And as far as moving to another country fat chance no other country in the world accepts convicted felons you can visit but you cant stay sorry your screwed didnt you know this would go on your permanent record ,they told you that all through school. There is a way to get your voice heard maybe call your local congressman the more people who write letters emails call the congressman .maybe we can get something changed I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE im all out of ideas GOD I wish I could go back in time and change my decisions but I cant so I’m fudged forever you could always try to marry a good woman with good credit and put everything in her name .but then again you could end up divorced and broke and still a felon hmm life sucks for a ex felon

Answer #21

Not a felon but I know that you can check with your local clerk of the circuit court to get the paperwork to have your record sealed or expunged. Depends on the severity of the crime but once sealed you can put no to have you every been convicted of a felony on job applications. I checked for my son’s and it cost under $100 to do. Well work it.

Answer #22

you should get a business license and sell clothes, paint. do construction, landscaping, help people move, go to truck driving school(etc).0pen a bank account, keep the business for 2 years, buy a house, refinance the house after you get some equity, take that money improve your business and so on. Hope this helps.

Answer #23

Well actually, the fourteenth amendment (1868) gives states the rite to prohibit felons from voting. I’ve paraphrased it here

“But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President… is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.”

The supreme court upheld the legality of felony disenfranchisement in Richardson v. Ramirez (1974).

One options for felons might be the army. Depending upon the crime, you may be able to enlist.

Answer #24

I’m also a convicted felon or should I say use to be a convicted felon. I went to college and received my bachelors and now run my own marketing and promotion business. Called One Man Army a.d.b.a. Sky View Marketing. You have to find your own way to make a living once you’ve been in the system, unless you have the hook up. restaruants are the best place to hire felons because they dont do background checks. Even though I received my bachelors the employers aint trying to hear it, so I became an entrepreneur. Look out for my book, “ONE MAN ARMY, INC” an inspirtational auotbiograhpy.

Answer #25

I am in the process of looking for a job, again. I am a convicted felon, repeat offender mostly for retail thefts, however I do have an aggravated assault for a police chase. I was recently incarcerated for a petty theft charge, I was released in March. I have been in contact with my local Careerlink office. I live in Washington County Pennsylvania. This is a small town area of Southwestern Pennsylvania. As it has been said I must be sensible, reasonable and honest. I am going to apply for jobs I want and explain my criminal history to them, if asked. I will write another answer once I have gained employment, good luck to you all. If any one knows other agencies that can assist me in my area I would appreciate the information.

Answer #26

You may be able to find a job at Walmart, temporary agencies, Minyard, truck driving, sell products at the flea market, get your barber or cosmotology license, purchase property at tax sales and resale or mystery shopping. It is best to become a certified mystery shopper for about $10. Once you become certified keep all your assignments in order to keep getting work and be honest. I know how hard it is with a felony, because I have one. The legal system is not always right, if Jesus was alive he would have been charged with a felony as well and he was perfect.

Answer #27

There is nowhere to go. We have been branded for life. i thought that i had paid my dues to society but apparently not. I am a single mother of 6 and i can not find employment anywhere. After gainfully being empoyed for 10 years i was suddenly laid off from one of the largest telephone companies in the united states. And the bad part about it is the telephone company that i worked for knew about the conviction and still kept me on board. I have even tried with the state of texas they are always so quick to tell you to get a job but they dont even want to hire you. So if anybody know’s of anything please write me and let me know. Signed lost and confused

Answer #28


Answer #29

For the people that live in the Chicago area Tyson Chicken hires ex felons as well as the Safer Foundation and other agency in the chicago area there are alot of places you can go Target and walmart I know you might not like these places but hey its a start and also check out the MOWD it’s a program for ex offenders that Mayor Daley put together so don’t lose hope ask around be involved with the people around you that knows these things I know a guy he went to jail for all sorts of things including a homicide when he got out of jail he got a job so if he got a job I know you and you and you can land a job so please don’t tell me that their not hiring ex offenders and also try RGIS inventory please don’t give up on yourself and don’t sale yourself short.

Answer #30

There is help for convicted felons. Most of the time, you just have to figure out your own way to make money. Be creative and take a risk. If there’s something you’re good at (cleaning, car repair, painting, math, etc.) start your own little business by making fliers and posting them or putting them on windshields. If you want to walk dogs, go to pet stores and put them on cars there, or hand them to people walking out. You may not get rich, but it’s a lot better than living a dishonest life.

Answer #31

I think they can make great locksmiths or politicians or actors..you probably have to go after regular jobs that are demeaning and that nobody else would want..perhaps grave diggers or golf buggy boys or junk mail distributors or insurance salespeople or pest exterminators or tree lopping or personal trainers or start your own business..in the mean time you could do volunteer work for charitable organizations..

Answer #32

I was told that SweetBay Supermarkets hires Felons. If I find anything else out I will be sure to post the information.

Answer #33

I don’t know

Answer #34

I really dont know. I am in the process of looking for work. Once again my record came into play when I was woking at a daycare facility. I was convicted in 1995 for stealing over 13 years ago I had no priors and haven’t had any negative activity on my record since then. Still when my record check came back I was terminated. It was very embarrassing .I suggest dont set yourself up for failure . Don’t apply for jobs that do record checks and you know you have something on your record.

Answer #35

I don’t know if every state has Voc. Rehab but most do. I know that they have a very good program that will help get you on your feet with a job. You can call your local resource office or the probation and parole office for the contact information.

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