Where can I hide my secret diary

Iam scared if my mom or any one in my family reads or finds my secret book so where can I hide it were no one can actually find it

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Answer #1

thanx guys

Answer #2

-Hide it in your sock draw -Wrap it up in pieces of clothing in a wardrobe -Put a lock on it (just in case)

Or you could do an online diary OR write it up on Word and put a password on your user area (assuming you have your own)

Answer #3

thnx guys

Answer #4

my carpet isn’t attached to the floor so I put my diary under the carpet. you could also put your diary inbetween the pages of a book (a boring one so no one wants to read it) and just casually put it in a bookshelf.

Hide it inside an old video case if it fits, then put it amongst the other videos. that’s if anyone has videos anymore haha,

write a fake diary with boring fake stuff in it and put it in a semi obvious place. so if someone is looking for your diary they will come across that one and stop looking.

Answer #5

I had the same problem till I brought this jewellery box and it has a little secret bit which I hide my diary in and put a lock on my diary and I also lock my jewellery box! try locking your diary in something the putting it in something bigger and either hide it away or lock that! I hope I helped you :) this idea is the best it works for me! :):):)

Answer #6

try a lock! get a small lock and keep the key somewhere you will never forget! they cant open it because its locked! and then you could hide it under your matress in a drawer

Answer #7

I had the same problem with my mom.my dad made a compartment in the floor and covered it up with the rug and she never found it.you can also put a small slit in your mattress and put it in their.good luck.

Answer #8
  • Under your mattress
  • Lock it
  • On the bottom of some drawer (lots of clothes and stuff over it)
  • If you have some very high wardrobe, put it on it
  • Behind a wardrobe … :) Hope I helped so, where did you hide your diary? :D
Answer #9

Here’s what I do with stuff that I don’t want anyone to find: In my closet, the framing is exposed. Up twoard the cieling there is a little gap that I can stuff things in. You might be able to jam one end of your diary into a small out of sight place. Another good place might be under your bureau. Take out the bottom drawer, and there should be a spacious area to put all sorts of junk. If you have a desk, stick it under a drawer. I’ve got all sorts of junk hidden around the house using this method. If you can’t use these solutions, then just hide it carefully. Best way to do that is to hide it where you really think no one will look.

:) ;)

Answer #10

put it under your matress =)

Answer #11

I had the same problem, JUST NOW til I found a way… 1: put a lock on it 2: put it in a box (jewlery, shoe box) (shoe box prefbrebly) 3: put your diary in the box 4: put some tisue (4 peices) on top of it 5: put a phony diary on it saying “my secret diary keep out!” 6: in the phony one put random notes in it like “I had a bacon sandwich for breakfast, it was nice. then no one will read on, it’l be too boring 7: to make that the phony diary looks real decorate it. And also put more tisue on it.

hope I helped!

Answer #12

hi, hide it under your bed or put it in your underwear draw if it don’t work then put it behind your wardrobe…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Answer #13

I would say to keep it in bag at ALL times so that no one in your family can steal it or try to read whats in it. then you’ll know its safe, xoxoTina

Answer #14

I hid mine under my mattress, but you shouldn’t have to worry your mother will read it. I think you’ll find most parents will respect your privacy.

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