Where can I get a Personal Loan?

Where can I get $2,00.00. I have a 620 credit score, but I have an emergency and willing to make weekley payments. I am at the end of my rope. Any other details is available upon request.

Answer #1

mabey from a bank.

Answer #2

see,im almost always right.

Answer #3

Try a Credit Union, that is where I went and they had to best rates

Answer #4

It’s not typical for a bank to give out a loan for only $200, but they might offer a line of credit or a bank overdraft if your standing with them is good.

Answer #5

The NDK Building No. 1 Rev. Hessen Street , OSU (Opposite the Ohene Djan Sports Stadium) P.O. Box 3387,Accra Dir: +233-549-964-199 Tel: +233-320-717 003 Fax: +233-320-717 003 Email: premium-global-trust-sec-fin-loans@security-f.com

Do you need money to modernize your house? Pay your bills? Purchase a new car? Do you want money to extend or start your own business? Pay for your kid’s education? or you need a house? why not come…?

I am Mr. Oko-Nikoi Dzani, Chairman of the PREMIUM GLOBAL TRUST SECURITY- FINANCE-LOAN COMPANY LTD; a private company affiliated to the Barclays Bank of the UK ,United Bank For Africa and the Ecobank Ghana which can provide LOANS at 2% amortized over 1 to 20 years to individuals, corporate bodies anywhere in the world.

The minimum loan we can offer is $5,000.00 USD and maximum amount of $5,000,000.00 USD.

Our goal is to help you receive the service you deserve… Our loan program is the quickest way to get what you need in a snap. You can reduce your payments to ease the strain on your monthly expenses. Gain flexibility for any purpose - from vacations, to education, to establishing yourself and making unique purchases.


  • Personal Loans

  • Business Loans

  • Company Loans

  • Combination Loan.

If you are interested in my offer please state briefly the following information to the management via e-mail to:

EMAIL: premium-global-trust-sec-fin-loans@security-f.com


Best Regards Mr. Oko-Nikoi Dzani. P.O. Box 3387,Accra Dir: +233-549-964-199 Tel: +233-320-717 003 Fax: +233-320-717 003

Answer #6

There are so many uses for old secured personal loans, and the chances are you will be able to get one quickly and easily. It’s a common idea that only homeowners can get loans from finance companies. That just isn’t true, most people can apply for, and receive an unsecured personal all kinds of uses. You can get loans from a few hundred pounds, up to £25,000, unsecured. These loans can be used to buy a new car, a holiday abroad, a new kitchen, the latest cell phone available, or just about anything else. It is a true that you will probably pay more interest than a homeowner who takes out a secured loan. But on the other hand, they have to take out a second mortgage to get their hands on the money.


With an unsecured loan, you don’t need anything, apart from the application form and a good broker. All kinds of people can apply for unsecured loans, tenants, young people, retired people, people with good and bad credit, you can even get a same day loan, and some companies let you apply online. The interest rate you pay will be made very clear to by the broker before you sign anything. As will the amount of the monthly payment, and how long you have to make those payments for. Any quality broker will go out of his way to make sure you understand these rules.

Answer #7

You can get personal loan from your bank or other financial company. Also you can search over internet for loan but make sure you read all documents carefully and understand their terms and conditions.


Answer #8

Get the Lowest Loans Rates ,Exclusive Deals only at Personal-emergencyloans.co.uk Apply Online - its Quick & Easy to get a Personal Loan for any purpose. https://www.personal-emergencyloans.co.uk

Answer #9

Apply for personal loans online for bad credit history in the USA through 2012 at snug-loans.com for quick personal loans at low rate of interest, no hidden charges.

Answer #10

A Personal Loan is an offer that provides finance for personal use. It is a very popular scheme as it does not require any asset to pledge as collateral. Today, there are many banks and firms that offer personal loan to people at affordable interest rates. One needs to check and compare the various deals to get the best deal. There are many firms like dialabank.com, itrust.in that help people in getting the deal that suits their budget. It just requires filling a short application form at the website. For more details call 600 11 600 or visit www. dialabank.com

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