Where can a convicted felon get a job in Oklahoma?

I was convicted in May of 1992 and did 2 years and 8 months in prison. That was 17 years ago. I was released, discharged my time, no parole or probation in January of 1995. I have went from job to job over the years, but I am now approaching the age of 44 and I am looking for long term employment with a company that I can retire with and who offers benefits. As of now, I work for a small one office company who unfortunately due to the economy has cut back hours, and who also does not offer any benefits. I was wondering does anyone know of any list of second chance employers who will hire an ex-felon from so long back in the state of Oklahoma? I have already tried the local government agencies, and staffing services and as soon as they find out that I have a felony conviction they start giving me the run around and I can never get any straight answers from them.


Answer #1

I’ve been looking for a REAL job since March of this year. In 1999 I got charged with trying to obtain controlled and dangerous substance, which were loritabs(that weren’t even for me) anyway, that is a felony. I went back to school and achieved my associates in July 2009, which is in business administration , and have a plethora of knowledge of computer architecture, repair, networking, customer service and several other attributes that could be transformed into productive efforts for the right company. And I realize we are in a recession, but I don’t get any type of callbacks, denial letters or other correspondence. This has been very discouraging, and brought my morale and spirit down, and has started to effect my attitude at home towards my family. Does anyone have suggestions?

Answer #2

My husband is currently going through the same thing and he has went to school to get a class A CDL license and he still has nothing. I would just say keep praying and go back to school and see what happens next. Having your own buisness may not be such a bad idea either.

Answer #3

To be honest try a funeral home. An independent funeral home its worked for me for the past 9 years. I have to admit im a sex offender a 16 year old sat on my lap thats it but explaining my case made them say that laws in CA is a trip and I got the job. but try a funeral home you never know it just might work

Answer #4

Contact rjbfireconsulting@yahoo.com Hiring for an Assistant. Background not an issue.

Answer #5

let me make this clear before I answer the questions…this is not a racial thing, but have you ever asked yourself, where do them mexcians work at when they dont have no papers or nothing :-)? what im trying to say is, you did your time and now you want your life back, but not evrybody out here can get to where they want uless they have to work it from the bottom and come up!!! Yes, have your own business is the great thing because I’ve told myself that im not going to work for somebody my whole life, I want to work for myself…but have you ever think of going back to school?

Answer #6

I have been looking for answers to this question also…My mother is currently incarcerated and I have been trying to find some answers for jobs for felons…open up your own business is the only answer I get…If you find out could you please let me know..

Answer #7

UPS hires felons. I am a convicted felon this yr released from county, no prison time, but a 3 yr suspended sentence. The law does not really concern themselves with you being a convicted felon, but there are some places that do give you a second chance. Do not give up hope, I have not and I have been searching for almost 4 months now for a job. UPS does give people a second chance!!

Answer #8

All meat or vegetable packaging plants hire felons… I worked in one for 2 and a half years as a QA and could have moved up to USDA but I chose to go back to school. I will have my Associates in 3 semesters and I plan to eventually do Neuro Research if I can hopefully get someone to look past my record and give me a chance. I think in the end they look at what you are doing now than what you did before. You have to start low and move up though. Its all in how well you prove yourself.

Answer #9

Good luck! I’ve been trying for six months now. And i have no sex offenses. No violent crimes. Just property stuff!

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