Where are you from?

Am really really bored…I juss started this new school and its soo boring I havent got any frenzzz well I talk to them but we dont have any thing in common we dont like the same things juss let me say it they are boring…and they a lil too nerdy all my friends move to america ,canada,and far away…is there any thing funn I can do by myself 4 enjoyment…other than going to club…needs gudd frenzzz
Helps pls

Answer #1

meee too I want to move to america sooo baddd…totally jealous of you americans right now…especially d new yorkers

Answer #2

England… I seriously believe I was born in the wrong place. England’s okay, but the city I live in is … ugh. I wanna move to the USA so bad :D

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Answer #4

Noosa, Australiaa is better,, move here:)

Answer #5

I have the same problem unfortunatly.. I moved to newyork a month ago.. bored as hell so this is what im doing with my friday night woohh.. ill tell you if I discover any ways to have fun while im here

Answer #6

I was born in Vancouver, moved to Calgary and are moving back to van in July

Answer #7

im from minnesota!! suck that!!! I hate my town tho :D

Answer #8

I was originally born in Los Angeles, California - but seeing I despise the city, I consider Riverside my hometown.


Answer #9

Im form America. Whoo Hoo! Born in Dover NH.

Answer #10

South Africa

Answer #11

Athens Ga GO DAWGS

Answer #12

I livee inn new york! its the best placee ever! I would nevr leev it! =]

Answer #13

Im from Australia, in Noosa:) Its a good place to live :)

Answer #14

I want to move to London, so badly. Aha

Answer #15

Im from Queens, New York (Jackson Heights!!!) USA

Answer #16

am fr uk london

Answer #17

one things for sure, no matter where your from, you always think the grass is greener on the other side of the road! ;) Lets start with this,,, if your having a hard time with feeling bored all the time,, you havent experienced enough yet.. On a piece of paper, write things you have done, on one side of the paper,, draw a line down the middle, and on the other side of the line write things down that other people do, dont think about if youll like it or not, or how much it costs, or anything other than “Some people do this” Dont forget things like downhill skiing, walking down a nature trail, visiting a church youth group/bible study,, beach volleyball, painting, flying kites, reading a book, volunteering for habitat for humanity,, going on a missions trip, babysitting a child, visiting a nursing home, getting a rabbit or a fish,, taking old magazines to a hospital waiting room, smiling at a stranger, assisting the elderly with their shopping cart, seriously,, the list goes on and on!! but my point is,, daily cross something off your list, and each day youll have experienced something new, you feel like you accomplished something, and youll start to experience joy, that you never knew you were missing, and as you get older, your lists will change, and so will you:)

Answer #18

im from Wollongong Australia, Australia is awesome but not Wollongong so much

Answer #19

Toronto, Canada!!! best place ever!!! it would be pretty cool to go to somewhere in australia though.

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