Where are guys ticklish?

guys always pretend that there not ticklelish but is there any spot where they really cant resist?

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if you really want to find out then convince some of their mates to pin them down for you first...then you can spend all the time you want finding out where they are ticklish without them being able to do anything about it :)

Now I just have to hope that no girls I know use my own advice against me haha!

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yes I think there just might be. Try this. Go to hold his hand but do it backwards so to speak. Not palm to palm but more spooning. When he is relaxed and not thinking. Take your middle finger nail no pun intended and gently tickle his palm. Bet he squirms.
Works for me who knows

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Guys are ticklich a few iches up from their knee.
Squeeze in on the sides.
Theyll go nuts

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There seems to be a spot on all guys that works for tickling.

Find the edge of his hip bone, on the side by the stomach.

Press one finger inward, almost as if you're trying to get your finger under the bone.

Be careful not to press really hard, though, because then it can hurt.

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guys can be ticklish my boyfriend is ticklish any were its funny lol!!! I guess it depends on the person, but try tickeling the feet, neck, back of the legs and the chest!!!

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My boyfriend tickles me and I kiss him to make him stop. He says he likes to see me giggel real hard. I want tickle him back and it never works. We were watching t.v and it was a funny show. He was in a fun mood so I tickle attacked him in the ribs near his armpit and got him.hehe!tickle revenge:) lol.
Try that and it might work do it when hes in a fun mood n do it when he doesnt know its comming.

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deff on their sides...
they go crazy =D...

and it gives you a good reason to touch them =D

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My boyfriend says that he gets ticklish on his sides and under his arms as well as the back of his neck. The norm...

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most guys are tickerlish on the thighs or balls lol

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amazing question!
I'm wondering the same thing now that ya mention it...

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I'm a 24 year old guy and my feet are my most ticklish spot. They're very ticklish too, I don't really try to hide it though. There's no point anyways, you'll just start tickling me everywhere and when you get to my feet I'll start laughing hysterically lol no hiding that.

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