Where to find a good first job?

where and what??

Answer #1

Your first job is going to be the starting point for your resume down the future … pick a place that somewhat interests you and that your willing to work at for more than just a couple of months … employers down the road are going to look at how committed you were to your previous employers! If you like a certain restaurant apply there, as restaurants have good shift hours and are more conducive to a school schedule if your planning to continue your schooling. Another great option is Starbucks, even part-time employees get benefits, and the shifts there are flexible as well.

Now do you have specific goals, like working in the computer industry, construction industry, executive plans perhaps, working in the medical field maybe ? … If yes, there are always entry level jobs to all these industries, and starting up with one of those companies provides not only commitment level, but relevant experience as well …

I’d also urge you to speak to a career counselor at your school for more options, but seems to me your heading in the right direction! By the way I’m starting up a business in preparing resumes … if you need help with that, let me know … as a new recruit in to the business world, I’d be happy to do one for free if you could help maybe pass the word along that I prepare resumes …

In any case good luck with your future goals. I wish you the best! Alyssa

Answer #2

My first real job was at a service station. Pretty tough and grimy work. This wasn’t too bad a job though, a few of the jobs I had after that were worse. I suppose a lot depends on what is available at the time. Like I said my memories of restraunt work are mixed; they worked me like a dog but I had some great coworkers to comiserate with.

Answer #3

I did too…it’s a fun job. But you had to be 18 where I worked. Maybe because we had an adult room or something. You also get to get to view the movies before the public does. Pretty cool. :)

Answer #4

My first job(s) were at a DayCare Center and a restaurant as a waitress. I ended up working both jobs at the same time and it was a little overwhelming for someone just starting out. But I absolutely LOVED both jobs, and couldn’t pick between them, so there I was. I’ll never forget either one of them. Good luck.

Answer #5

Hon, you can’t be picky for your first job. Whatever you get work hard and do your best and after you prove yourself you will be able to get a better job.

To me what made early jobs tolerable was having coworkers I liked being with. I was lucky that at some of my worst jobs I worked with some really fun coworkers.

Restaurant jobs are about the hardest work you will ever do but they are also the easiest jobs to find.

Answer #6

taco bell rocks for a first job that wasc mine

Answer #7

I worked at Blockbuster Video.

They hire at 16 and you get free movie/game rentals.

Answer #8

A resturant

Answer #9

filletofspam: I think you can be picky, just not too picky. I never took a paper route or fast food job straight out because I wanted to find something that I might at least enjoy a bit.

My first job was being a make-up artist for Civil Defence. We would do these training days where we would have a scenario set up (an earthquake in a building and people need evacuating), and I would have to put fake blood and wounds on people, and give them a story to act out for the rescuers. It was a lot of fun. Initialy I got the job through my Dad (he worked at Civil Defence, still does), but the staff got to know me better, and soon I was picking up office work here and there. If you’re not cut out for restaurant/fast food work, look around at people you know- you can babysit, do house cleaning… lots of things. Sometimes it can lead on to bigger things.

But don’t be afraid to swallow your pride and get a fast food job- I did it (was the worst time of my life, but at least I was a manager), and I learned a lot about how to cope under pressure. It really makes you appreciate how hard people work for their money.

Answer #10

Some ideas:

Baby sitting (only for persons that are trustworthy) Chores for trustworthy neighbors Paper route Dog walking Grocery store Lemonade stand Paint House number on street curb House sitting Message Delivery Pharmacy Delivery City, County, State and other government-run Youth Programs Vacation and Tourism spots Hotels/Resorts Parks and recreational areas Swimming pools, golf courses and campground facilities Day and summer camps Amusement/Theme/Entertainment parks Museums, Zoos and Aquariums Airport concession firms Childcare and Eldercare providers Health care facilities Business services (including) Moving and packing companies Pool and spa companies Lawn care and other maintenance companies Construction companies Movie theaters Fast food and restaurant establishments Ice cream parlors, juice bars Clothing and accessory stores Newspaper / Magazine Distribution

I wish you the best !!

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