When will house prices start to fall?

The price of houses is ridiculous. When will the market start to fall again so I can get a place? I’m sick of renting!

Answer #1

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Answer #2

They already have. It depends where you live. With lower housing prices though we have Higher Interest Rates…. prices aren’t going to drop that much there will be a major foreclosure issue

Answer #3

Yes, in many areas thay already are falling. You might try and find an investor that buys foreclosure homes and see if they have any for sale.

I would not advise you to go buy a home at a foreclosure sale unless you have some expertise as that is a risky proposition. If you do, find a good real estate lawyer to help guide you.

But, there probably is someone in your area who professionally buys foreclosed homes and re-sells them. Generally, they buy teh homes at a discount and may have lower pricing.

Also, look for places offering lease options.

Answer #4

Now! Watch the interest rates and the origination fees. Stay away from interest only and subprime loans.

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