What is something bigger i can use to masturbate with?

im 15.okay so I have used the water faucet on my vagina and I get pleasure...but...I use my hair brush in my vagina and I dont get a feeling anymore and I also used the end of a spatula and nothing happend...so help me out here im hornt and I need something bigger in me:)leave ideas

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you should not use water, or use it as little as possible.. when you use it your body get pleasure from it and it desensitises your body to other forms of pleasure (such as penetration). so if you keep using it it will end up being the only way you can reach orgasm and will not be able to climax during sex (when you start having it)
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a cucumber? (washed first of course)
or an electric toothbrush on your clit

how to manstrubate / masturbate?

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