When logging into Funadvice using Mozilla Firefox?

Sorry about the ambiguous title, had difficulties typing a title expressing my question using one of the 6 compulsory words.

Ok, my question is this. Sometimes when I log into FA using Mozilla Firefox, everything goes to the left of my screen (as illustrated) and I have to use Internet Explorer (which I detest) and the page works fine.

I’m certain it is not Mozilla as I’m currently on other sites and they are not all left aligned as FA was.

Could someone be so kind as to let Miss PC Illiterate know what is happening?

Answer #1

Thanks guys for the answers.

Still having the same issue…I’m on Internet Explorer and everything is working as per normal but I prefer using my Mozilla Firefox (it’s version 3.5.5).

ClawJaw, bloody hell, your instructions are so hard to follow YOU DAG :P ..Ended up using Snapper (Add-Ons from Mozilla) to load this image up. (Sorry the background is black, Snapper did that) – Credit goes to square bear Nigel at work for the Snapper recommendation. :)

I got two different browsers opened and it’s not much fun. Please do let me know, maybe it’s my laptop? :( If so, I’ll ask one of the IT guys at work to have a look at my lappie.

Answer #2

Thanks Doll :)

I got this issue sorted. One of my IT guys at work told me what to do…It was so simple to fix. All we had to do was go to File drop down menu, select Charactor Encoding and then click Unicode etc. (should be able to do this from my laptop when I next log in and all wil be well).

Now I can stop whinging…Thanks thedude, clawjaw and ifeelcrazy123 for your answers, greatly appreciated champs.

Answer #3

I have a suggestion. How about uninstalling Firefox (add/remove programs in your control panel) and then downloading a new version and re-installing it.

I had problems with Mozilla a couple of days ago and that sorted out my problem.

Answer #4

bloody hell you must have like 3 pairs of hands… control alt and print screen for a screen shot? you only need Prt Scrn next to Scroll Lock which I think is a worthless button hahaah

just open paint and paste with Ctrl + V :)

Answer #5

More than likely a stylesheet wasn’t fully loaded, as during the ‘night” for US time, we do a backup, which results in the system moving slow as molasses for about 30 minutes or so…my gut says it was during that time which you experienced the anomaly.

But, if it happens again, let us know & we’ll fully investigate.

Answer #6

I did do a screen shot by press Control Alt Print Screen buttons and then pasting the screen shot onto a word document…Tried to upload the shot as an illustration but tthis won’t upload as it needs to be an image or jpg. (arhhh I give up)

Have no idea which version Mozilla is I am using… I’m friggin PC stupid (and I mean dumb as a bat), is the full screen the same as when I maximise the webpage by clicking the box at the top right hand corner? If so, then the page already fits my whole laptop screen.

Answer #7

screen shot?

what version of FF you using?

Java version?

does it happen when FF is full screen F11?

Answer #8

Sorry, forgot to add the illustration.

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