What should I do when I'm bored?

I was just wonderin what fun things to do when im bored?

Answer #1

well, I know that when I’m bored and like home alone I get naked and run around blaring music and masterbate wherever, but hey thats just me. you should try it if you don’t already, its greattt : )

or if your homealone you can invite a guy over and do some fun stufff, if ya know what I mean

Answer #2

I like to draw when I am bored. Like I just drew a picture of a horse and it turned out amazing since I was bored and concentrated. =]

Answer #3

well I would go to a friends house and tlk bout boys(thats what I would do) or play with barbies or action men if your a little girl or boy!!! or make something if you have a creative imagination

Answer #4

write a book about your life eg life story or mabey watch a fillm with ya m8s or a collage with magizens and news papers or even old photos ask for premission first hope I helped you xx <3 :)=)

Answer #5

I usually draw anime when im bored but thats just me. You shood try somethin new!like make something out of a bunch of different food and eat it but it usually turns out gross…!! try to lick your elbow exercise outside hang with friends make something crazy out of paper decorate your room put makeup on urself if your agirl and wear your craziest clothes and work it!lol you can practice your smile phone bffs kiss urself in mirror lol doodle draw your own world on a piece of papaer imagine anything daydream ( espiecally in school:p) try some tongue twisters until you get it like say butterfly 12 times fast TRY SOMETHIN CRAZY!!!

Answer #6

That all depends on the person. Everyone is different. I enjoy doing leather work or troubleshooting computers and even reading.

Answer #7

maybe go see some of your freinds or maybe do something creativ

Answer #8

There are plenty of things to do…

Find a hobby.. !!

I like to scrapbook.. try that ;)

Answer #9

Make a fort somewhere in the woods or your yard even if it with sticks!!! I did it and I thought it was fun, play with chalk, do some cartwheels or handstands or water fights or you could tan! Make a swimg with some wood and a long rope!

Answer #10

well I always find something to do sometimes I go on a social site or go horse riding or change ure room like move things around ,walk ure dog if you have one,play outside,type in on google im bored ,ask people if they have any ideas of what you can do

Answer #11

go to bored.com or google “fun games”…draw,dance,sing,make up a game drink a twelve pack of mt. dew wit your buds and see hoo goes pee first…I don’t know thnk of something

Answer #12

Go outside and do something fun. Go to a guys house. What I do when im bored is a go up to this boys house and we just chill at his house. Well im 13 and I dont know if your aloud at a guys house. But I am.! So do that=]

Answer #13

Deff. don’t run around your house naked. That’s just plain weird. Go play an instrument if you have one, and make up a son or something. Start singing something even if you aren’t good. Draw a picture for you mom!! :D Make beaded necklaces or bracelets. I have one on right now and it’s all rainbowy. Lol :] Brush your teeth sitting upside down. Haha :] I did that once and the toothpaste went up my nose, so MAYBE that isn’t a good idea. Haha :]

Answer #14

What me and my friend did was make a dollhouse. I know, dollhouses are for little girls, but it is really a lot of fun! It especialy helps with your recycling! When you are done with it, you can put it in the fair, give it to a little sibbling, have it as a little decoration, or you can trash it when you are done. My friend and I’s house is sooo awesome! It’s two stories with ton of details, we are planingto put it in the fair. Hope this helps! :)

Answer #15

you can play super crazy deluxe2 or super crazy deluxe3 and if you have a wii or a playstation 2 or playstaion 3 or xbox 360

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