When I pee for my boyfriend for a drug test will he pass it ?

I have a boyfriend that smokes weed and hes got a drug test comeing up tomorow I am going to pee for him but we dont know if itll show up as a girl will he be able to pass with my pee in a bottle or what I really need to know?

Answer #1

LOL good luck. What’s he going to do…sneak you in, in his pocket? If he’s doing this for probabtio or parole, there isn’t anyway they’re going to let him take his girlfriend in with him…they don’t even let them pee alone, incase they’re sneaking pee in a bottle or baggie.


Answer #2

Its not going to show up as a girl, unless your on your period. But are you sure you really want to do that? Even if you love him

Answer #3

Yes it is detectable if they send it out for DNA testing (They usually don’t)

But… How do you expect to pee for him?

Usually the urine sample is taken in the bathroom at the clinic.

They will not allow you in and some places actually make you keep the door open or have an attendant in there with their back facing towards you.

They will also take the temperature of the urine to make sure it is fresh and wasn’t stored in a bottle or some other vessel. Urine needs to be kept at roughly 95-100 degrees to pass the temp test.

Answer #4

How on earth are you going to pee for him? They let them go in alone where he gets tested.

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