When do I shave my legs (Girls)

I’m 13 and my mum says I’m too young to shave my legs at the moment.

They are not really hairy but you can see some when the sun shines on them and I hate it.

What age do girls start to shave there legs and should I start no matter what my mum says.

Answer #1

shavin yo legs is AWSOME!!! Shavin makes your legs shiny, glossy, and SEXY! Hey, take it from a chick with beautiful legs. hahaha!

Answer #2

If you start shaving, know that the hairs dont grow back thicker or darker. People think this because its an illusion (your hair is thinnest at the very tip, and when its sliced off, what remains is the thicker part of the hair) If your shave now you can still wax later, you just have to wait for the hair to grow long enough. You also have to deal with stubble. You could always use silkymit or in-shower hair removal cream. x Btw I shaved when I was 13

Answer #3

I started at 11 or 12.

Tell your mom that you’d like to feel comfortable in shorts or a skirt, and that shaving yor legs would allow that to happen. Because even if the hair isn’t noticable, it’s still not comfortable knowing it’s there. If you say something like that, she may understand. I mean, she’s a girl too.

Answer #4

I started shaving my legs before I was 13, I do know that. For some girls it’s not a big deal when they start shaving their legs but if you really want to, let your mom know and maybe she will say yes. Good luck and I hope you don’t cut your legs lol!!

Answer #5

Tell your mom that you can’t wear anything nice, you just always have to wear pants.

Answer #6

im 15 and I don’t shave. And by the way I am pretty heavy but of course its your choice good luck!!

Answer #7

I started at 12

Answer #8

im 13 to and my mum says I can’t shave my legs, I do but she doesn’t know yet. my hairs are blonde and so not majorly visibe, but as you say you can see then in the sun. I advise you start in the summer or if they get any worse, but don’t start just because your friends do or you feel you should at your age, start when you think you need to.

Answer #9

ok yes, my mom wouldnt let me shave either., but I started when I was about 11 . I think you should just do it if you feel uncomfortable with your body. what your dealing with now is just peachfuzz. but let me remind you when you start shavin your hair will come in darker and faster. so take that into consideration

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Answer #11

and if not that hairy then you don’t need to shave because when it grows back it grow back more thick

Answer #12

I really want to shave too, im not that close to my mum, and I dont feel compfortable talking about to her.. my friend shaves and says she didnt ask her mum, but she has an older sister.. so yeahh kinda in the same position.. I know this isnt and answer.. I have blonde hair so it shows in the sunlight and I hate it sooo much :/ some of my hairs stick up and its really annoying!!

Answer #13

I must add that it only seems that you hair gets thicker after shaving, so do your thighs without worries. The first regrowth may seem thicker cause the hair is cut in a blunt tip. Well, it might be a hassle if you decide to stop and have to wait for the stubble phase to pass and for the hairs to be replaced by a new one. This new one will be the same as before you shaved. If ever the hair was actually thicker, that’s not because you shaved, but due to the hormones working in the meanwhile, because you grow up. Ypu may not want to shave for better reason, and there’s nothing wrong.

Answer #14

I started when I was 14 :) all my friends started and they all kept on talking about it and I used to change the subject.And today I found out that they don’t really shave :O also I had hairy armpits and my dad told me to start shaving so my mum bought me Venus razorz. just say that all your friends do :)

Answer #15

I started when I was 15, generally because I had white hair & you couldnt tell I had it. The earlier you start though I found that the hair on your legs get darker much fast then someone who started later. The only reason as to why I think you mother is saying no is the whole razor dealy. Afterall your still her daughter :) Ask her if shell let you try silky mits or a hair removal cream. Silky mits is just a little carboard “glove” that you rub in a circular motion over the hairs on your legs & it just rubs it away.

Answer #16

Well, I’m 13 years old and started at 11. I, personally, have to shave every other day at the least now. Really, it’s whatever you think your Mom is right. In my family, we all started about half-a-year before we started our period, so I was following in that tradition… it’s really whenever you NEED to, and will be committed to. I’m however brunette and have brunette hairs, obviously. I don’t suggest shaving without telling your Mom, because that’s disrespectful & believe it or not, she knows best. I know a friend started shaving her legs at NINE without her Mom knowing and regrets it badly. She’s 11 now. It’s a lot better to have your Mom there to guide you through it the first couple of times… and she can tell you where to be careful, ect. Because she helped me, I’ve never cut myself once. It’s good to shave with a shaving cream, because that moisturizes your legs - VS soap does not, it drys them out. You’re supposed to shave it every other two days at the MOST, so make sure your committed. I have to shave every other day because I wear shorts a lot and I don’t like feeling a stubble, and I’m worried people will see a stubble. So just talk to your Mom about it.

Answer #17

im 13 and started to shave,because I am very hairy and I hate it cause it makes me ugly,earlier this year but then the hair on my legs became so black tat I decided not to do it until I become older…sigh

Answer #18

Well my friend started when she was only 9 but then she tried to get me to I said no I waited till I was twelve so that is a goodtime to start beetween 12-14

Answer #19

The thing about shaving is that sometimes that people notice more when you start shaving instead of before… depending on the skin you have, your legs could shine in the light which might be even worse!

Answer #20

I started at 12. make sure you use enough shaving cream and a light touch.never dry shave.for the first time you should do it after a bath instead of in the tub. I shave the backs of my legs starting at the back of my knee first then I sit down and shave the rest. it’s easy you can reach all over this way

Answer #21

im 13 and I started shaving at 12 but I didnt tell my mom its really simple tho I didnt have clue what to do and have only cut myself 2 (at the same time so relly only 1nce) that was only cause my parents were gonna turn off the hot water

Answer #22

I started shaving when I was 12! and its very easy but you should be careful because of the sharp blade !! just ask your mom about it and im sure she will say yes! and I think you should start no matter what your mom says! but its not that hard… and for yumiyukai…what she said is not true!!! as long as you know how to take care of the razor and blade you should be fine! and its not disgusting!!!

Answer #23

I started in sixth grade. about 11 or 12. and man, I wish I never did. it’s just so much of a problem now. I HATE IT!!! the hairs grow tens times as dark as they used to, and much much longer!!! I know this cause I wear pants all day long and won’t shave for like, three months!!! but that makes it worse!! cause when I don’t shave for that long, the razor gets all gross and it dulls much faster. I wish I never wouldn’t shaved. my legs would probably be pretty and hairy at the same time instead of hairy and totally a mess and stress for myself!!! but good luck with that!! :)

Answer #24

I think you should start at your age now. if you do start shaving your legs just be careful

Answer #25

I started literly yesterday and im 11 and sence im a burnette I have dark hair so I feel uncomfortable wearing shorts. the thing is that they become darker with is worse then before I shaved and now I my legs are prickly which I hate and dont know how to gett rid of it <3 ps I think you should shave at this age with your mums help cause the know best<3 :) ps do it slowly cause you may cut your self the blade is sooo sharp I cut my self 5 time I think because the soap I used made my hands slippery!!

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