When did you lose your virginity?

Lots of questions on this site are about relationships and so on. At what age did you lose your virginity?

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I lost mine yesterday im 23 and she is 16, man she was so tight but after a few minutes it was great

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lol just kidding lol

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Well i lost mine at the age of 14 and im 14 now…Lol…I lost mine a couple of months ago… Pretty weird how people on here says they lost it at 12…pRETTY CRAZY

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LosT mine YesterdaY..as U can tell im 16 but i waited along time wit dis guy b4 i did it

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15, after i had dated this guy for a month. Probably a mistake, but we went out for a year and a half after that… big of a waste of time.

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At the age of 16 to a 15yr old who told me that he was 17yrs old..hehehe… in otha words da good old ex-boyfriend that i am still inlove with

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13 ha I didnt eva know what I was doing haha

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16 and I knew the girl for 2 days and she was in college and I lied and said I was a senior

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well not yet but i’ll at 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12 and a half at a party with my girlfriend

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15-july SUMMER 08 baby!

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I was 15. I’ll be 18 in a few months.

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  1. it was with a guy I met twice before and he was high both times and I was drunk once. then the 3rd time we saw each other we both got high and ended up having sex. don’t regret it or anything. I don’t really care. shrugs
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not until marriage!

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15 with a 23 yr old I don’t regret at all

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oh I will lose it on my wedding nite…when I am known as MRS. nick Jonas

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2 days ago … im 15 i lost it to a 17 yr old and i love him. he’ll be 18 in a few days.

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Valentine’s day of 2007…..with the love of my life. I am 16.

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i lost it at 16 to a 21 yr

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11…kinda young but hey…it happens I guess!

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I lost mine two months ago. im 15 and the guy is 13.

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Still a virgin until marriage :) I’m 19

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12 i got lucky .

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I am waiting until I find somone I want to spent my life with

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not yet waiting for the right one!

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  1. idk i kno ppl make this big deal outa it and it might seem wrong or something but it isnt that huge to me. i kinda think i think like a dude…(haha woah sexist) the guy i did it with i had only met/seen twice before, once he was high so i dont count that. we made out the second time i saw him and he didnt talk to me for four or so months then he did and i went to his place and we had s*x and he didnt rly talk to me at all afterwards. idc thou. i dont wanna have it w someone i love ne ways this young. i just like casual hook ups. im too young for a real relationship and im sick of heartbreak. its just easier this way.
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I am fifteen at the moment and with a guy I love so much. he is the first guy I have been with . loads of people dont really get that I love him becoz im young and hes the first guy I’ve been with but I know I do and I guess thats all that matters. We have done some stuffs together just not the whole way but I know im ready we have been together a year and a few months now . he lost his virginity when he was 13 he is now 17 and regretts it. Any advice how to approach the situation? x

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l lost mine when i was 13 just about to turn 14 a month befor i was really ready im 15 now and have only done it wit 2 guys… i lost my virginty 13 of july 2006

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not yet. I’m Roman Catholic born and raised and my religion clearly states that I should not have sex with women I do not intend to marry.

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not yet…lol…

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i lost my virginity to a guy 2 days ago, i am 16 and he is 19. I just happened and i have no idea why, it just did! i didnt know him for long and the first time we were alone together we had sex! I am stil in shock and i have cried so much, the guy text me the next night (last night) and told me it was a mistake, he also said he wanted to be GOOD FRIENDS. i told him i would text him when it sunk in… i text him today cos i felt a lil better. i text him 6hrs ago and he hasnt text me back. He used me and i cant believe i was so stupid! I had more sense than that…. or so i thought. I am disgusted with myself and i dont know what to do!

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Willingly at age 19.

But I was raped when I was 12.

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i lost my virginity when i was 13 to a women at 33 years old, i was at her house having a fare well party for her, we were both eyeing each other up all night,she asked me to help her tidy up after the party had finnished she started to dance reallly sexy with me, next thing i knew she unzippped my jeans and lay on top of me next thing i know she was bouncing up n down on me, when we finnished, i got dressed and began to walk home, iwas still in shock and began to cry. i regret loosing my virginity as this was the one thing in life that i will miss giving my wife when i get married. BIG MISTAKE if you wont some personal advice then you can email me at stphn_chlmrs@yahoo.co.uk i now am a gynaecologist

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im still a virgin, not very proud tho… :/

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nver did,,, I am hopping when I get married though… I also do hope I wont go crazii over my young age because… mbeing virgin is a gud thing

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15 and afterwards we dated for 6 years

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well i lost mine at the age of 17. now im 19 and with a boy i really love he is 20. and we are planning on getting maried. an having a baby. i might be pregnant now i got to go to the doctor.

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im 14 and still a virgin but idk i want to try it out, i have lotz of cousins who have baby’s and there 15.16,17.yrs…and they tell me i shouldnt but im curious and well i guess i should wait but oh well lets see what happens..

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I lost mine when I was in the 3rd grade =[)

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I don’t remember, I wasn’t there at the time.

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when i was 13 in my moms bed!

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I was 16 and I loved him so much he was also 16 but had been with 5 other girls before me. I was with him 2 years before I had s*x with him. I then was with about 10 other guys then I married a man who lost his virginity to me. He was 21 I was 17.

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15 with my boyfriend. im 16 now and hes 17. i know everyone says this but i do love him, and we waited like a year and started dated properly after being on and off for 11 months. :) s xx

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i lost it on my 14th b-day ; ] and he was 17… i dont regret it at all its just sometimes i think what ppl will think of me.. i know i was ready … i am now 15 gonna be 16 soon

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well i was raped when i was 11…but willingly i was 15 and im 16 now almost 17 and im still with the guy and now we are expecting a baby in november.

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I dont plan to untill my wedding night!!! or at least untill I am engaged to get married!

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I waited until I was 16. Yeah, I had other chances with other guys, but I wanted it to be with a guy that I really loved.

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im losing mine this weekend,,,,im 15 and my boyfriend is almost 17 hes the love of my life <3

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I’m a virgin still but the right time is when you get married

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still a virgin, I’m 14 :)

Answer #79

14, My best friend from my whole life. Yeah it was cool

Answer #80

15, seems so young now though.

Answer #81

i havent lost it yet and im proud. im going to lose it when im married.

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i havent lost it yet and im proud. im going to lose it when im married.

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