When: can you dye your hair while its wet? after you washed it?

I am dying my Moms hair for her. She has sum gray hairs. My Mom wants to know. Will it not work if your hair is wet?

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Color takes better on dirty ( not freshly washed ) hair. Wait a day or two and then color it. The color will take better and look richer!

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Well I think you should let it dry or just wait until tomorrow...That's only my poinion though...

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like beelcee333 said do it while it's "greasy"! I'm not sure why but it's the right way to do it.

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It,s not the correct way to color your hair- while wet-or after shampooing. If it,s dry-it absorbs the color properly-I,m a former hairdresser- so I,m giving you proffessional advice! If you color over damp hair-you will mess the color up-"BIG TIME!"you would also be allowing your scalp to become irritated-if you were to freshly wash-and blow dry! Best to wait a day between washings-allow a small amount of natural scalp oil to act as a protectant.

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