When asked to send a sexy picture, what does he mean?

Me and this guy have been talking since new years, so it's been three months.
One night we were talking real late at night and he said " send me something sexy"
When I got this message, I didnt reply to him because I really didn't know what to send him.
Then in the morning, I just told him I fell asleep.
I can't send any naked or bad pictures cause my dad looks on the internet to see what I have been talking about and to see what pictures I have sent.
I dont know if he has done it recently because I dont live with him, but I just dont want my dad to see me that way.
So, my question is what did he mean by send him something sexy?

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he has talked about sending bad pics but he told me he didnt want those.
I've told him that I couldn't send him any bad pic and he said thats fine, I understand.
but I wasnt sure what he meant by something sexy?

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If you're not together, it means he's a horny jerk trying to use you. Watch for guys like these. As a general rule, don't send ANYONE any pictures you wouldn't send to your grandmother, even if you are in a relationship, because they tend to end up on the net when things go bad. Then you're infamous for life.

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I would not send this guy aythingg. If he really likes you he would not ask you to do something like that. Most likely he is a horny guy that just wants to get pics out of you. Please take it from someone who knows, dont send anyone anythingg. cause if those pics would be sent out, it would not be pretty. especially if you arent going out but evenif you were then I wouldnt do it.

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send him a picture of your bra sitting on your bed. be like, this is what's underneath. ;)

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he wants to see something like ur breast

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more acurately you in a bra

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