When a girl doesn't wear makeup, is that attractive?

Well, I am 13, and every girl I know is wearing make-up. I refuse to wear it because, well, I may not look perfect and am probably far from the definition of hot, but I like the way I look and I love all the natural colors in my face. I think wearing makeup is fake and wrong because it isn’t really what you look like. I feel like makeup is only for shallow, insecure people, but yet most women wear makeup every day. Sometimes I feel as if I’m the only one who sees how bad make-up really is. If someone falls in love with me, I’d want to know that they think my REAL face is pretty, not the face that is hidden and tweaked. It seems as if SOME people would respect someone for choosing to not wear makeup, especially at my age, but all of my friends don’t seem to understand where I’m coming from. I know one of my friends who gets a lot more attention and friends than she did before she started wearing makeup, and it makes me feel as if people are ignoring me because I choose to show the world what I really look like.

So, this brings me to the actual question, is it generally attractive for a girl to not wear makeup just because it means you can see her real self? Or is makeup something that all girls should wear to make them more presentable?

Answer #1

I don’t wear makeup except for the rarest events, and I think it’s unnecessarily fake for everyday use, too. I wouldn’t wear a ball gown to work, so why would I wear the same paint on my face that should go with the gown? I understand light foundation to minimize small or temporary imperfections, but nobody was born with blue gunk on their eyelids and everyone knows it was added.

Answer #2

I wear makeup and I put it on others because its part of what I do for a living as a cosmetologist, but it doesnt make me, or my clients shallow people. thats pretty judgemental. thats like saying people who are skinny are all anorexic, or people who are asian are smarter, or blondes are dumber, or girls with short hair are automatically lesbians. im perfectly fine with how I look with out make, but I like to wear it because you can be creative with it, and for most of my clients they feel good with out it but they feel FANTASIC with it. yeah celebrities and what not wear so much they dont look like the same people, but you can wear makeup and still look like you , even if it isnt neutral colors. It doesnt hide your face it enhances your good features and can hide bad ones. of course if its applied badly it can look really gross, but thats a whole different story. thats good for you if you dont like makeup, but dont go make assumptions on those of us who do.

Answer #3

Honestly I think you are being way too judgemental when it comes to people who do wear makeup. I love wearing makeup because it’s a way you can be creative and it does help enhance your features. I’m just fine with the way I naturally look. Every girl should be fine with their natural looks and it’s great that you’re one of them. But makeup is not fake. It just enhances what you already have and it can be a way of expressing yourself.

Answer #4

Hey Girl, Well honestly theirs no telling. Because every guy is different, theirs some that find you beautifull without makeup and theirs some that would want you with makeup. I don’t wear makeup when am with my boyfriend at the house, because he don’t care about my appearances. But when I go out I put on makeup just so I can look nice and approachable, and just to look sexy for my man. So really it all depends on a guy. But trust me natural is in the beauty within yourself.

Good Luck! -Makeup Guru

Answer #5

The outcome of how you look upon wearing make-up It depends on how you apply it. So on some people it may seem gross/disgusting while on others it’ll look natural.

I didn’t wear make-up at 13 either- and I had the same views, too. Don’t get me wrong I love the fresh natural look- I just don’t think it makes any indidual shallow or insecure- if they use make-up appliances. When I go out with my best friend I see that she wears it too but only to accentuate her facial features.

I on the other hand only use eyeliner & mascara.

Answer #6

Girls that over do make up, really are the ones that are shallow and happen to feel good when they put makeup. A bit of make up doesn’t hurt honestly, yes I would love to see a girl with out make up but then I would also like to see something stunning that brings out the complexion of her beauty. Thats what make up is essentially used for, to bring out the proportions of the face and enhance certain areas that lack emphasis. In a sense a girl with out make up is down to earth and yes I find that totally attractive but a girl that can look good without make up and still use make up and look radiant then will most likely be a winner in my book, this is just personal preference though. Just a bit of make up is really all I need anyway.

Answer #7

Well I think that it’s great to be as natural as possible, it shows confidence, and is very pretty! On the other hand, I think a little bit of make-up is OK, it makes you look a bit more put-together- I usually just wear a little skin-toned mosturizer to even out my skin tone and a bit of brown eyeliner. Whatever you are comfortable with is what’s important, however you feel most confident! Hope I helped! :)

Answer #8

Its your choice of course wether you do or dont wear make up .it only looks wrong if over done should highlight your good points and improve any slight problems . I always were some and im male so as I said its your choice dont be pressured by friends

Answer #9

it doesnt matter if you wear makeup or not…im sure you are gorgeous on the inside and that is all that matters.

Answer #10
  • makeup doesnt make you pretty , it actually messes up your skin . I dont use it but my friends do . if your naturally pretty dont use make up dont feel like you need stuff on your face to make yu look better . you dont
Answer #11

I think its good that you dont wear makeup. most girls your age are worried about what they look like and what other people think about them and if they are going to get a guy or not without it. Not wearing makeup shows you have confidence and confidence is the best beauty there is.

Answer #12

ugh im the same way all my friends wear it but I hate it it makes you feel so…gross and like you said, fake. the girls who do wear make up will get noticed more, yes . because most guys are shallow and are blind to real beauty. so I think that real,honest, and sweet guys dont care and see real beauty and screw the jerks they dont matter

Answer #13

I myself very much so prefer a girl that is NOT wearing makeup. I just find every girl so much better without it :)

Answer #14

make up is fake and hides the real person…

Answer #15

My best friend doesnt wear any and she is gorgous.

Answer #16

yay for me then! :P

Answer #17

I like a little make-up on a female, but a who doesn’t love a natural girl right?

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