When to stop shopping?

How do you know when to stop shopping?

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When you've buy your needs and things that ou want.
When you dont have much money left.
When you have to meet your friends and ou may be late.
When you realise everyone are looking at you, and you wonder what's wrong with you, and then you found a hole on our pants..
When your shoes tear while you are walking.


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When you get tired, or feel like your bout to pass out, im serious I have done this before, litteraly shoped till I dropped lol. I didnt actually pass out but almost, I had to go straight to the car!

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when your parents start to get up you about money

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NEVER . . .

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When you run out of money?

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only bring the amount you want to spend with you. When it's gone, you're done.

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When you can't eat or pay your bills. Get a sugar daddy.

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when you are running out of money but don't spend to much!:)

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bring cash money you will feel more then credit

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when you have reached your budgeted amount

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when you get tired of shopping.

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when you are getting poor LMAO

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