Why is my rabbit having diarrhea?

I went to pick him up today and I realized he had a huge glob of poop on his tail and in his fur. Its weird because normally his poop is little dry balls that dont get stuck anywhere and simply fall.but this is like mushy and stuck to his fur.Kind of like the same substance as human poop.It smells really bad too. I’ve been making sure he has plenty of water to drink,thinking maybe he just had diarraeh from heat or somehitng. I dont want to have to take him to the vet,but I dont know what else to do.

Answer #1

my rabbit has been having the same problem, but we are thinking its just stress because there is a baby in the house now. so maybe if there is something new in your house that its not used to could also be a reason.

Answer #2

I have a 7 week old baby lionhead rabbit, have had him home for 5 days now and for 4 of them he’s had diarrhea, he’s not hiself and won’t eat a thing, its a struggle to get him to drink, does anyone know anything I can do??

Answer #3

Thats the same thing thats happing to me right know. And im just worried she might die. I just got her about 4 days ago and now she has it. shes only 9-10 weeks old. I cannt take her to the vet becuase I dont know how much it costs.if any of you guys now how much it costs to take a abunny to the vet (canadian money) please tell me because I really want to know how much it costs so I can take her there.

Answer #4

I own a lop rabbit and he has big balls of mushy poo stuck together but is really smelly! but was told by the vet that this is because he doesnt eat his poo twice

Answer #5

I own a lop rabbit and took him to the vet because he was having huge balls of poo all stuck together and there really smelly the vet said that rabbits are suppose to eat there poo again but if they dont the result is big mushy balls of poo I was told to hand feed him the mushy balls of poo easier said than done!

Answer #6

yeah chezza is right… during the night, rabbits poo mushy poop which they are meant to eat during the night…if they are hungry. If not they just leave it. Make sure to clean any off his bum though, or he may get an infection :) x

Answer #7

If you switch brands of food, feed it something its not use too like grass, fruit feed it small amounts my rabbit done it when I gave it carrots

Answer #8

My rabbit has been having the same problem, hes been getting diarrhea for about 1 week now but its not continuous, it happens one day than stops another. My rabbit is a huge fan of bread so im thinking that that’s whats causing the problem. Hes been having diarrhea which is like mushy and kind of looks like human diarrhea and smells really bad, kind of like baby poo, so when he does poo like that he tends to scrape it off the floor and eat it, and im not sure if its healthy for him because I know he is sapose to eat his normal poo but im not sure about this kind…

Answer #9

I got up this morning and my 4 year old lop rabbit had the same problem… this is most probsd because I started giving him cucumber (a lot because he eats a lot) and my mum keeps feedin him chocolate…I know…CHOCCOLATE I do stop her whgen I can but its impossible anmd I have told her the ouutcome

Answer #10

I would get him to the vet ASAP! I know lettuce can do this. My rabbit had diarreah on August 2nd, and I woke to find him dead! He was only 2 years old. I’m not sure what happened. He ate dry food, plenty of water. I am now researching to see what a nor mal life span is.

Answer #11

hey I think I can help you without having to go to a vet because I am a future vet… plus I have a rabbit. Well anyways its probably diahhrea. You need to stop giving him vegetables and fruit and all human food until it goes away. Just give him dry food. sometimes lettuce can give them diahhrea, and can lead to death. or it could’ve been that they gave him a different kind of food where he was at, and has to get used to the sudden change. don’t worry about it because the same thing happened to my rabbit, but he’s okay. if it gets worse or he has it for more than 2 weeks.. take him to a vet. I hope I helped you. you can trust me. bye!

Answer #12

earth hugger is probably right about the veggies…but I’d take him into the vet after 3 or 4 days of diarreah…Two weeks is WAY too long, as they dehydrate…


Answer #13

my rabbit has the same problem well, its not exactly diarrhea but its like his poops are all stuck together and really mushy. its not an everyday thing though. I know that happens when I give him blueberries so thats why I stoped giving that to him. I also gave him dried fruit… maybe thats it. I also switched to a new type of hay… I dont know please help! :)

Answer #14

I have a 12 week yr old lion head and has diarrhea aswel but he had sum carrot and its not agreeed with him, so today I’ve took his dried foood away and left him with water and hay, he seems to b ok but taken him to the vet in the next couple of days, is theere anythin else I can do in the mean time?

Answer #15

Hi, I not a vet,but I do breed rabbits. First, you need to take the water away for 24 hours. Reduce how much you are feeding and feed hay. Following day put some vitamim and electrolytes in the water. If your rabbits are outside the change in the weather can stress them out. When changeing food. Feed the old, then start mixing in the new food.

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