Whats wrong with hitting back?

Topic: Hitting people back… Ok so whats wrong with hitting someone back? (apparently anyone [Boy or Girl] ) Cause I dont see anything wrong with hitting a girl back. (Not first. I have no opinion on that but wouldn’t do it unless I was mad).

Anyways…lets tell the fast story.

I am in a relationship.. my girlfriend and I were just hanging out. So I can’t recall what got us to this point…but I remember…she tried to pull my pants down (this was at night, outside with her sister and my friend). So I got mad and pult her shirt down a little. (she had a bra on, nothing big [to me at least]. Then she got mad and slapped me. So I said hell no, and I slapped her back. and later… she said I have a reason to be mad at u. and I said the same thing. then she said why? I said “wtf you slapped my face.” and she said “So, you slapped my face!” then I said, yeah I slapped you back” and she said “Your not suppose to hit girls!!!” and I said “if you hit me I hit you back, then I said your lucky I didn’t do it as hard as you. “

Noticable most people would say to me “Your wrong for hitting her” Well don’t answer the question if thats your answer. I’m sick of hearing that. You know why. I could give 3 reasons (or maybe more) why I think I’m eligible to hit girls back.

  1. I dont have any perticular muscle, I’m basically skin and bones (very skinny) .
  2. I loses arm wrestling matches to some of my female friends (not all) 3)I could only hit as hard as girls hit or maybe weaker. 4)I don’t justify anyone in particular for who I hit or yell at.

So yeah. if a reason not to hit them is “there weaker then you” Wrong, If that were the case you minus well call me a girl. but am I? No. I’m a boy who doesn’t work out. I don’t fight. I dont do ghetto stuff. No Wayy! And lets give some basic facts about myself..& my girlfriend

I’m 5’8. Weight: 140. My muscle is about 2.2 inches big. My girlfriend : 5’3 weight: 126 her muscle is about 3.4 inches big.

and she always beats me in arm wrestling.

Well anyways to continue to my main question…Whats wrong with hitting back if your totally even, or close to it?

and is it fair I get hit when I am weaker?

Men and Women..if you think its unfair to get hit (as a girl) cause your weaker, maybe you could justify your reason for me. Thanks…Enter your answers.

Answer #1

P.s. It was in self defense cause it hurt a lot.

Answer #2

never hit a girl I dont care what happens, never

Answer #3

It’s not about hitting a girl… It’s about hitting anybody.

Answer #4

Im a girl and IN THAT SITUATION you had the right to slap her back.If she didn’t want her shirt to get pulled down,she shouldn’t have pulled your pants down.I care if she’s a girl she devered it.So don’t feel like YOUR the bad person cause your not!!!

Answer #5

Well to start, you were not right to hit her. Resorting to slapping her back is a sign of immaturity. If she slaps you, you should be able to make it clear to her that she had no right to do that without hitting her back. If my girlfriend slapped me, I wouldn’t even consider hitting her back. I’d have the presense of mind to tell her she had no right to do that and that she at least ‘should’ be punished in some way. Plus I don’t think hitting people when you’re ‘mad’ cuts it either. If you can only resort to being violent in such cases, then that is a problem.

It was wrong of her to hit you and no one will disagree with that. You just need to snap out of this t*t-for-tat ideology. Doing something because someone else started it/ did it first is childish. No one really cares how muscular you are. It’s about how strong the muscle inside your skull is, lol. If you hit her in self-defense then my answer would be different, but in this case, you had no real reason to hit her. Talk to her about it and stop trying to justify your actions. Neither of you were right to hit each other and that is that. Talk it over and let her know that what she did was also unacceptable. Once she understands and acknowledges that, then perhaps the problem won’t arise again.

Her justification for hitting you is by far less apparent so in some ways you still do have the moral high-ground, but not by much. Just tell her that she had no right to hit you and that you won’t stand for it if she does. If I were in your position, I’d give her a piece of my mind, not a piece of my fist (or palm/ whatever). Just make sure you are heard and that will make resolving this issue much easier than trying to debate with her about whether you have a right to hit her back. Good luck :)!

Answer #6

We have just one rule in our house about hitting. Rule 1: Don’t hit.

You and your girlfriend are obviously young and immature at this point and neither of you are going to understand that you are both wrong. But this has all been said above quite well already.

Have fun and play safe!

Answer #7

Yes, that is a very mature approach. This has already happened and it can’t be changed/ We do all make mistakes. But, there is one difference between one person and an ‘abuser’. If someone makes a mistake and is able to learn from it and not allow himself/ herself to make, that is the making of a better person. To make a mistake and sit there not acknowledging that you made it, is the making of an abuser. There are shades of gray and obviously circumstances make a difference. If you are ablse to talk and communicate positively and without the need to resort to violence, then this experience could even enhance the relationship. That’s the wonder of learning from what you do wrong :).

Answer #8

I agree with all the above answers, it’s not about her being a girl.

It’s just stupid to hit back and shows that you both are immature…the pulling the pants down part already proved all that and so did you pulling down her shirt.

It takes an adult not to hit back.

Answer #9

Saying not to hit a girl because she’s a girl is hypocritical. It’s technically promoting sexism in society, so if total equality is what people want they have to let go of these gender-specific social taboos. THAT BEING SAID…

The whole situation you described sounds like immaturity, with the clothing and such, that went a little too far. Don’t hit people (male/female), period.

You say it’s no big deal that you pulled down her shirt when she wasn’t wearing a bra, but you essentially exposed her to anyone around you. MOST people would be upset about that, and I don’t think her hitting you is out of the ordinary for any person to do, though using physical violence is never the answer to solving disputes.

Answer #10

p.s. it was in self-defense

do you understand the meaning of self-defense? unless she was going to continue beating her up and you ‘defended’ yourself by hitting her, it’s not self-defense, that’s a lame excuse you’re using to try and justify what you did…

as for the whole women are equal to men, well not yet… when they truly are, we’ll talk about it… until 30% of women who are killed arent killed by a husband or spouse, and a hefty percent arent being abused, or have been sexually assaulted or raped by a man, then we’ll talk about how you have a right to hit a girl… are you going around doing all these bad things, maybe not, but you belong to a gender that has oppressed and mistreated women for centuries, it may have nothing to do with you, but it’s the reason why boys are not supposed to hit girls…

also, what’s it’s just plain stupid and childish to slap someone you supposedly care about…

Answer #11

Thanks for all the feedback. I agree with a lot of you. It seemed immature thinking about it now, and I know it was wrong I just don’t like being hit. Also thanks for people who agree with my opinion especially the comment above mine

Answer #12

Thanks for all the feedback. I agree with a lot of you. It seemed immature thinking about it now, and I know it was wrong I just don’t like being hit. Also thanks for people who agree with my opinion especially the comment above mine. Also growing up I was taught to never do something to someone that they didn’t like unless they do it to you. In which brings this scenerio to my mind and causes me to do these reactions.

Answer #13

It wasn’t right for you OR her. It takes a stronger person to walk away..nobody wins and nothing gets resolved by being physical.. Although it’s surprising you smacked her back, she shouldn’t be smacking you either.

Answer #14

I’m actually of the same mind, if she hits you, you should, by all rights, be able to hit her back…it’s not about ‘being a girl’.

I’m actually getting tired of the statement ‘you don’t hit girls’. Women fought to become equals, but still defend their right to abuse men and get away with it…that doesn’t fly with me.

However, for the sake of maturity, nobody should hit anybody, period. If she hit you, you should have just walked away and told her that you’re not going to accept that kind of behaviour…show her your serious.

‘Hitting back’ is childish.

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