whats the worst movie of ALL TIME?

Answer #1

I haven’t watched many movies, but the worst I saw was called Thor: Hammer of the Gods. The thing is with that movie though, it is so poorly made, and the actors are so bad, that it just becomes awesome. It’s hilarious.

Answer #2

vampier sucks

Answer #3

The day the earth stood still, eyes wide open, the fair-haired child….those are just some off the top of my head. They were all stupid and boring.

Answer #4

ice grill.

Answer #5

Let me guess…you are on team Edward or team Jacob and you can’t betray them?

Answer #6

So far…I think “the hills have eyes” was the lowest for me…I so expected a good thriller…a good horror movie(according to all the hoopla behind it…) & got so bored I so wanted to stop it 30 mins into the movie…after the first 5 mins i said ok, what a boring movie let me give it a shot…saw it wasnt getting any better….decided to be fair & watch it all the way through but if it was up to me, i would have just stopped it after 30 mins!

my personal opinion :)

Answer #7

Or, you know, they could just dislike the movie…

Answer #8

Yea, true. But so many people are so into Twilight and the “teams”, it’s unreal.

Answer #9

This Christmas

Answer #10

i like vampiers so i hate vampiers suck

Answer #11

12 angry men - 12 men in 1 room. Crapola film.

Answer #12

Sahara was like this. It was so bad it was hilarious. So we watched the whole thing.

Answer #13

P.S. I love you. Wasn’t even bad enough to laugh at IMO.

Answer #14

Haha… We watched this movie in our Contemporary Problems class…. I didn’t think it was WAY bad… But it was pretty boring…

Answer #15

Are you kidding?! I love Sahara!!! :D Other than the fact it had lame Penelope Cruz in it… But I think it’s a pretty good movie. :)

Answer #16

That was the dumbest movie! We watched it in my honors lit class, after the first 5 min. I was like kill me now!!

Answer #17

Dragonball, I can’t believe they ruined DRAGONBALL!!! And mars attack all-star crew biggest flop in cinema history!!! Geewhiz blech!

Answer #18

HAHAHA, my friend was telling me about that movie once, she bawled during it, and she made me sit down and watch some of it, I was so not impressed. Not to mention that I’m not really one for romancy movies.

Answer #19

Yeah, my mom just gave up… lol.. She couldn’t stand it..

Answer #20

Oh actually the award 4 thee worst movie in like history ever in history ever… Like ever made is……. Meet the Spartans! FACKING CATASTROPHY OF A MOVIE!!! (Sorry I just hate spoofs with a passion except for Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie kk that was hilarious!!)

Answer #21


Answer #22

i hated it!

Answer #23

id say that Bug, is without a doubt the worst thing ever made…EVER!

Answer #24

Corecction…Any movie these days suck, because there all coping like other movies that were actually good

Answer #25


Answer #26

“They Saved Hitler’s Brain”; “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” and “Plan Nine From Outer Space” are considered among the worst movies ever made.

Answer #27

In my opinion 500 days of summer … However my sister loves it… I think it has no point and that girl freaks me out… D:

Answer #28


Answer #29

The last of the Mohichans SUCKED!!

Answer #30

oh and avatar the last air-bender!!! RUINED THE CARTOON!!!!

Answer #31

I loved it! haha

Answer #32

haha ty tori!!

Answer #33

cloverfield was awsome!!

Answer #34


Answer #35

P.S. I love you is an amazing movie!

Answer #36

i loved that movie. not even gonna lie.

Answer #37

Oh. I tried to watch this. Couldnt do it.

Answer #38

Alright, so maybe we’re a little guilty of dissecting movies, lemme see if I can remember the most ridiculous aspects of it. The only thing that really sticks out is this shack in the middle of the desert with all this high tech computer equipment. How exactly this little shack, with no power cables around it (no solar powered panels either), was getting electricity was a complete mystery.

Answer #39

The Kentucky Fried Movie. If you havent seen it go watch a trailer. :P

Answer #40

Passion of the Christ or Phantom of the Opera. I fell asleep during both. I’m sure there are worse I’ve seen though but have just forgotten about

Answer #41

paranormal activity. and all the twilight movies. oh and the justin beiber concert movies that were in the theaters. oh and the hannah montana movie.

Answer #42


Answer #43

The Final Destination–So stupid, I can’t even watch it again.. the more movies they make about that, the more they’re going to destroy the whole thing.. Pretty soon, a kid’s gonna have a premonition about a recliner chair. Not to mention the acting was hideous. I can’t think of the worst movie of ‘’All time’’… although, I do hate when they make disgraceful remakes of classic movies like ‘’Friday The 13th’’.. I haven’t seen Nightmare On Elm Street, yet though. :)

Answer #44

Haha… It was probably Penelope Cruz’s idea… What a dumb dumb! ;)

Answer #45

There was a Justin Bieber concert movie? Oh, goodness…

Answer #46

yea….it was horrible the theaters were filled with little girls (around 12-14 year olds) screaming and mobbing…some chick tried to beat me up because me and my friends stood there saying justin beiber sucks balls to see their reaction. XD

Answer #47

Alice in Wonderland. Easily. OR Napolian Dynomite.

Answer #48

HAHA YEA I KNOW…i think the director was on somting when he made the movie lolz

Answer #49

ummm… the “worst” don’t know… but i call tell you there was that year where all the sequals of the 3rd movie were coming out: Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Carrebian 3 and Shrek 3 - ALL I WATCHED… ALL WERE A DISSAPPOINTMENT!!

Answer #50

the worst film i have ever seen is dead alive. Uh. It was stupid and utter nonsense and a waste of film. I hated it. :x

Answer #51

The little shop of horrors!

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