What's the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

whats the scariast thing that has ever happened to you?

Answer #1

I’m from a big Italian American family, so every sunday, we would all get together at my grandparents house for dinner and coffee and cake. This one Sunday, it was summer time and the sun was going down and me and my younger cousin decided to ride our grandparents bikes around the block. We kept going around in a circle, and I was speeding along and we got separated. So I kept circling the block looking for her, I even back tracked. So I’m whizzing past when I hear her call out my name. I looked back as I kept speeding on and I saw her near the woods fumbling back onto her bike. I yelled “hold on, I’ll be right there to help you” and made a wide turn. When I turned around she was gone.

So I circled the block another 4 or 5 times with no luck. By this time it was already dark, so I went back to my grandmothers house to see if she went there. She was there and I asked her why she didn’t wait for me. She said she had no idea what I was talking about and when I explained to her that I saw her crash her bike by the woods, she told me she never crashed and in fact she had been back at my grandparents house for awhile b/c she couldn’t find me.

I made her swear up and down that she wasn’t playing a trick on me and even my family said that she had been there the whole time. I know I saw her or I saw something. That must have been over 10 years ago. To this day she is adament that she wasn’t there. She always jokes and says “ hey remember when you saw my ghost?” I don’t know… freaky.

Answer #2

I actually died and my soul didn’t want to leave my body so my brain was still recording the memory and I started to cry and my mom woke me up 15 min later and my body wasn’t actually alive or dead and for 3 days my body was in a state of a coma yet I was awake yet dead very scary

Answer #3

I went on a outdoor trip with about 30 kids in my grade in grade 9 and we went out to the forest. It was winter and the winters in Alberta (Canada) are really cold and there are a lot of snow storms. Anyways we went into groups to play cature the flag and my group got separated and I ended up by myself. My biggest fear in life is being alone. Anyways It was really dark out by then and I thought a knew where I was going and I ended up falling down a snow bank and could not climb back up so decided to walk back to camp. By that time I was in tears and was so scared because it was pitch dark and I ended up by the lake we had pasted when coming up to our campsite. The only problem was the lake was about 45 min away from camp and I did not know which way to go. Anyways one of the consluers found me by the lake after 45mins by myself in the dark it was really scary and very emotional

Answer #4

my female classmates were staging an FHA initiation in this old abandoned house by this scary marsh one night. we all entered the house and found our own seperate rooms from which to scare the livin daylights out of the initiates. the house had no electricity, everything was pitch black inside, the girls were brought through, we scared them, and then we all went to a party afterwards. we all started chatting about that nights fun, when I asked my friend why he had been in the same room as me, and why he didn’t make any attempt to scare the girls while I was. he replied that he thought I was in the room he was hiding in, and was curious as to why I just stood there and didn’t move. we were all alone IN SEPERATE ROOMS, there was no one in there when we arrived, yet to this day I can still feel “my friend” standing just a few steps behind me in that old abandoned house. as my friend can also. pretty scary huh? we went to scare the girls, but ended up having a brush with real paranormal activity. pretty freaky.

Answer #5

Thers been many scary things that has happened to me…

Once my mom and I were walking down the road and all of a sudden a car comes towards us with full speed. I thougt we were going to get hit and die… But luckily the driver stopped his car and missed us by several feet. O_O!!!

And there was this time when I got chased by wild turkeys…and another time when I got chased by a bull that had horns up to 2 feet long.!!

Then another scary moment that I had was when my dad got drunk and was acting very very very voilent! What he did was that he grabbed my hair and smashed my head against the wall… Lol…it was also scary when he made a fist at my face. I thought he was going to punch my face…but he didnt LOL

Answer #6

I always have all these absolutely terrible nightmares, things to terrible to write and they always scare the crap out of me and make me terrified of myself for dreaming such things! Another weird thing happened to my friend. He was driving home one night with his mum and saw a truck come speeding out of the middle of no where and screeched on the breaks, only to have the truck go right through them and disappear..preeetty creepy ehh?

Answer #7

My friend and I were little kids and we looked at some ghost photographs on this weird website, and I called this one ‘ghost’ ugly, and weird things happened to me.

One: my friend that looked at the pictures with me used to kick my chair, so I felt something kicking at my chair’s leg, so I said,”Stop it, Allonia.” and she was like,”What?” and her foot was resting on MY chair. There was nobody else around, either…

Two: Allonia was dead asleep on the couch, and the tv, the lights were all on and I had absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Then I burst into tears, I feel terrified for no reason, and I just began to scream for my grandmother!

That crap scared me…

Answer #8

I thought I was dying once. Combination of alcohol poisoning and dehydration from being passed out inside of a car for a while. It was strange, I thought I could feel myself leaving my body. I spent the next couple of months thinking maybe half of my soul or life essence or whatever had escaped and I was half zombie or something, which was also pretty frightening. Even more frightening than that was the fact that things had to get worse than they were than to make me quit drinking.

Answer #9

one night I had to walk to my home by my self…in london 3yrs ago and I was the late night and really dark and cold…I had to walk 3miles…I felt like someone is walking behind me…and when I turn im see no one is behind…I was so scared that I started to cry…and I runned all the way home…that feeling is so scary I couldnt stop running it was like my legs were runing alone…without me…ill never forget that

Answer #10

I always had nightmares of my father dying while I was young since I was 10 and it came true last year.

Answer #11

15 years old…from small-town Iowa…wandering lost and alone in Rothenburg, Germany. ‘Nuff said.

Answer #12

I rolled a semi-truck fully loaded.

Answer #13

I thought I broke one of my guitars…oh GASP!!!

Answer #14


Answer #15

I was at my cousins being babysat when a guy in a hugh trenchcoat stands outside the house. At this point someone keeps calling asking to be let in because he wants to see us and say hi to all of us. This went for about an hour before he finally left. My cousing was hyperventalating by the time it was over, which scared me even more because I was eight.

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