Whats the most random thing thats ever happened to you?

have you ever been in a really weird or random situation? share please!

Answer #1

one time I was talkin to my friend jarod and in the middle of da conversation he takes a pie out from behind and throughs it in my face

Answer #2

For me, I went to a middle school dance w. some friends and I got 2 school with 7th and 6th graders (I’m in 8th grade). so, a group of four 6th graders came up 2 me and my 3 friends(who were also girls) and started dancing like strippers in front of us. me and my friends where like ‘wut the hell?’, it happpened multiple times, the 1st time, we backed away slowly, the second time, we ran.

also, once, when I was in 5th grade, I had to walk home from the bus stop after school. to get home, I had to walk through an elementary school park with lots of little kids there. when I was walking, this little girl I didn’t even know came up to me and said “Your coming to my birthday party, right?” and I said: “umm, I’m srry, I think you have me comfused with someone else” and she got mad, made this like “humf” noise and stomped away. it was kinda weird, but funny.

Answer #3

I love the phrase “carrot shop” in the answer above me. never seen a carrot shop before… and that’s hilarious, by the way.

Answer #4

I’ve had a few, but this is a funny mistyped error. I was meant to type ‘crab soup’ for a thing, but instead of crab, I typed crap. And that was for a school thing that I had to give to the teacher. But luckily, I noticed it before I handed it up.

Answer #5

Haha the most recent random thing that happened to me was, I was getting out of my car at the college and somebody threw a box of Kraft diner at me haha was random, then I went inside and they were giving out free boxes so I grabbed one and threw it back at the 100% random stranger that threw it at me lol :)

Answer #6

I woke up in the middle of the night and my younger cousin was standing in front of the fridge, throwing everything out on the floor. I’m all like “what the f*ck are you doing?!” and he’s like “I want onion rings…” and I’m all like “why the hell do you want onion rings at 2 in the morning?!?!?!” and he looks over like he JUST noticed I was there and he’s like “What are YOU doing here?” and I say “WONDERING WHY THE HELL YOU WANT ONION RINGS AT 2 IN THE MORNING!!!” and he’s just like “HUH? I DON’T!!” And I said to him “well you JUST said you wanted some!” and hes all like “what?!” and I just turn him around to look at the mess he made and he’s like…”OH.”

Answer #7

I got a random carrot thrown at me by a total strangers cause I looked like “a fooken* freak” :) I love how hospitable the people here are. So accepting and tolerant. It was really random aswell we weren’t near any like carrot shops or anythings just randomly walking down the street and a carrot hits me out of no-where. Okay not funny for other people but made me smile at the time.

*wouldn’t let me type in the naughty word :)

Take care hun.


Answer #8

aw, im sorry! that is a bit funny, but rude I don’t know about people sometimes…:)

Answer #9

one day when I was heading into town I stopped at the traffic lights as a pink limo drove past mostly full of 20 something guys and got a full champagne glass thrown at me whilest the guy screamed get a hair cut ya f**cking goth lol he missed tho =)

also on 1 of my many nights out I stumbled drunkenly out of a club and started to make my way towords the taxi rank only to bump into a 6ft bright green teletuby which was a man in a suit lol at like 2:30am in morning then futher along ther was a guy as spider man lol I coulda swore I was seeing stuff if it wernt for the other people ther going omg a teletuby =O was pretty random

Answer #10

Well just this last Friday I heard the new rumor at school was that I am a lesbain with my Best Bud, Nikki. Lmao, that was hilarious to us since it was so rediculous. (Were both boy crazy but nobody knows that I guss) And it was random because, we have never done anythig to make ourselves lasbians. Lol. Stupid People, I want to punch whoever said that in the face. :)

Answer #11

k so I was just standing in line for something and some kid id never seen in my life walks up, gives me a rose he made outta duct tape, calls me an angel, and tells me he loves me. I was like umm ok? thanks. random and AWKWARD! kinda creepy too

Answer #12

when I was walking to school in 2nd grade a guy pulls over adn says don’t do drugs its bad kid and I said ok?

I had no idea what it was !!! and then he gave me a lolipop

Ok??? RANDOM@!!!

ps I didnt eat the lolipop!!! =]]

Answer #13

when I was in the fifth grade I was at gym class and my friend molly and kristen and I were on the mats doing cat wheels and stuff then all of a sudden one was tugging on my arms and one on my pants legs. And they were screaming I want her! no I want her! and then my friend molly that had my pants legs pulled my pants completley off and all the guys playing hockey just froze and stared! And I told the gym teacher and she just said yah I seen that! No punishment!

Answer #14

well last week I was at home just sitting there relaxing watching tv when my phone rings so I answered and it was a guy calling.. Asking for a girl named Maribel and he says “ Hey Maribel im really sorry about what happened last night, please forgive me” and I said “ you have the wrong number.” and he hung up a couple of minutes later on he calls again and he says “ Hey I know its you Maribel please listen to me stop playing I know its you, please listen to me “ so then I said “im sorry im no Maribel you have the wrong number!!” half an hour later he calls again and says “Maribel I know its you please listen to me you are really hurting my feelings, if only you knew how much I love you and you dont even want to listen to me” I told him stop calling, you have the wrong number im not Maribel then all of a sudden I just hear the guy crying so I told him im being honest, check the number again, im not Maribel! “so then he says fine if you dont want to talk to me fine, its over then” and he hung up the phone I was like OOOKAY!?!?!? poor guy I kinda felt bad for him in a way if he wanted to fix things with who ever Maribel was lol but he would just keep on insisting that I was Maribel lol

Answer #15

Oh, I’ve got an even funnier one.. I was at school… In science class, all of the sudden, the guy next to is like, “Liberty, turn around” so I turn around, and my music teacher was standing right behind me, just staring at me. (My Science teacher, Mrs. K), “Excuse me, Mr. A, do you need Liberty for some reason?” He shakes his head. “Well, could you leave my classroom? We’re trying to learn.” “I’LL LEAVE ON MY OWN TIME Gd*MIT!” He yells, everyone stares, then he just runs outta the room. I was like, what the..??? is he like on drugs or something??

*Teacher names will be censored.

Answer #16

This 4th grader (My school goes from 4th-9th grade) came up to me and asked, “Do you think my older sister’s hot?”

(I am a girl.) I was just like, “Uhhh… I’m a girl..??”

He goes, “Yeah, I’m trying to prove to my friend that not EVERYBODY thinks that my sister’s hot!”

I was just like, ‘What?’ but I just said, “Umm… what do you think?” Then I just walked off and he got very p*ssed off… It was funny.


Answer #17

I was at a wedding for a couple I din’t even know and I was seated with a group of elderly people.. This woman started telling a story and apparently she thought I was her neice named claire and she got on the mic and told the whole thing to the wedding party and at the end when they pulled me up to the mic all I said was “my names not claire its megan” and walked away.. then I got outa there real quick.. hilarious now but mortifying then

Answer #18

I was in my schools hallway and I had some guy kiss me on the cheek and wrapp his arms around me from behind and said “heyy baby I missed you” and when I turned around he said “OMG YOUR NOT MY GIRLFRIEND” and I cracked up laughing and walked away.. then I saw this girl walk up to him and slapped him haha must have been his girlfriend.

Answer #19

well I was talking to mu cousion and I accidentially said a cus word and he started laughing and I got in trouble lol that was random lol

Answer #20

Was sitting on a bench with a dude I liked. (wearing tight jeans) When I all of a sudden moved. And got something stuck to the bench. I didn’t know what it was at the time. So I tried getting up, and my pants ripped. Then I got embarrassed but started laughing with the dude.

Answer #21

a girl called our house and asked about a name and she’s calling the wrong house, so she told me: are you “a name”, and I said: no it’s the wrong house. and she said madly: YA I KNOW!!! lol, and there’s another time, someone kept calling everyday EARLY in the morning, and nobody hears the phone but me! when I get off the bed and answer the phone: nobody’s there!!! til’ now on vacation the same thing happens!!! it pisses me off!! he/she just wakes me up early in the morning on my vacations!! dad keeps telling me I’m dreaming! but my brother heard the phone too!! but he never gets up to answer it though! lol

Answer #22

walking in on my friends mom mastroin

Answer #23

lol both of those are funny

Answer #24

Well, today when I was in the library with my friends and we were sitting aroun a desk. A (I think) year 8 who I have never seen before came up to me and put a newspaper thingy on the desk. Right infornt of me and walked away. We burst out laughing.

Answer #25

rolf @ the carrot story. omg. I so wish that had happened to me.

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