Whats someting you do that you think no one else does?

Answer #1

Wake up with only one sock. There’s a bit more but I’m not telling! x)

Answer #2

I brush my teeth in the shower, who else does that??

Answer #3

Well apparently people eat plain ramen noodles so not that! haha. But I also eat pretty much EVERYTHING with ranch dressing. Me and all my friends get tons of ranch at lunch and just eat whatever with it.Lol. And I also eat bread with just ketchup on it. But I recently found out that one of my friends does that too. Haha. But yeah. I eat strange things. :)

Answer #4

I look at cars and say “hey that car looks like a face” lol smh

Answer #5

Im sometimes with the sock thing.. but the rest.. I dont even want to know! Lmao =O

Answer #6

When i drink out of a bottle, i hold the bottom of it, not the grip… I purposly dry my tounge out. I smell stuffed animals. I chew gum constantly… I run up & hug my dogs randomly… I have wierd habits….

Answer #7

I’ve actually done that before but not too often. Haha:)

Answer #8

It ALWAYS happens! I just got so sick of it I don’t sleep with socks anymore lol

Answer #9

I do that with the back of VW Bugs! haha

Answer #10

I used to!

Answer #11

Haha I can to that conclusion too

Answer #12

I do that wif ketchup… :D

Answer #13

came* not can. Sorry!

Answer #14

I did that once or twice but i got frustrated wif getting out of the shower & freezing to death just to put my toothbrush back… :|

Answer #15

Well my mother got sick of it first lol, always finding socks in my bed, and they’re like all stiff and stuff! Damn I was one dirty kid lol…

Answer #16

Hahah!!! :D

Answer #17

My toothbrush lives in the shower :P

Answer #18

I remember I had a strange ones, I used to eat toothpaste, soap, and scrap paper lol…

Answer #19

What I like to do, I know it’s gonna sound completely retarded but before I leave the house I put just a tiny bit of my shampoo in my hands, rub it togethor, and apply it throughout my hair to make it smell good. LMAO I know it’s weird but I can’t help it. I only put a little so it won’t look greasy. Always works for me

Answer #20

Soap? Would you get bubbles in your mouth? Haha. Ohh gosh. Scrap paper reminds me. When I was in kindergarten me and my friend Andrew would take little pieces of paper and take bubblegum chapstick and put some on the paper and then he would eat it. What a strange thing to do! Hahah

Answer #21

Yeah… I stopped after the first doctors visit lol… He just looked at me and went “you’ve been eating soap haven’t you” I was sooo scared x(

My sis, she would mix broccoli with the peanut butter sandwhiches from school then dump chcolate milk all over it AND EAT IT! EWWW! :(

Answer #22

Oh my goodness! Thats so gross!! hahah =O

Answer #23

That’s my sister for you! She was one heck of a dare devil, and she still is! She eats this thing I think it’s called cow liver, it’s a sponge like thing and it’s soooo disgusting! I vomited the first time I ate it!

Answer #24

Welll then…That’s different. :P

Answer #25

It even sounds gross!! XP Lol

Answer #26

You feel my pain! awesome! :) Ya know what, I’m gonna mail you some lol x)

Answer #27

Hahah, alright! Sounds good! :)

Answer #28

haha i eat everything with ranch AND ketchup!! have you ever tried ranch on pizza?? its so freakin delicious!! haha

Answer #29

That happens to me all the time!! (the sock thing) im glad you said this tho, i just found 4 socks under my blanket :D

Answer #30

Wait… What? It does not sound good!!! For gods sake what is wrong with you?!

Answer #31

yeah I have!! It’s AMAZING!! hahah. It’s also amazing with pretzels! It may sound gross, but it’s really good :) Lol

Answer #32

Haha! Oh gosh, you have like the best sense of humor there is. Haha XD

Answer #33

LoL me 2, nd whats funny is sometimes the driver looks like the car their driving

Answer #34

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove ranch & mayo on pizza…Wierd combo…I only like soft pretzels. :D

Answer #35

denanke! I must be hitting a lucky chord tonight, I’m not usually very funny! >_>

Answer #36

Soft pretzels… Ahh.. not so much my favorite. Hahah. There’s always too much salt and stuff but when you get it off it has no flavor. I just dont like them much. Hahah.

Answer #37

Haha ikr! Same with people and their pets haha

Answer #38

Eat just mayonnaise on my hot dogs. :P

Answer #39

Haha, you are right now. At least your making me laugh. Not out loud tho cuz otherwise i’d be getting weird looks from people around me haha. So whats up with saying lol…? Hmm

Answer #40

lol, I dunno! It stuck onto me thanks to this friend of mine! What’s up with saying Haha? Hmm?

Answer #41

I get them wifout salt. I loooooooove salt but on my pretzels..No..(x I’m used to the bland taste, i eat loads of bread lmao.

Answer #42

Hm… good question! I actually have no idea! I suppose if you dont say either when someone says something funny, you seem too… dull. Yeah that works. Hahaa (see that sparks what im saying, ya know!?)

Answer #43

Gosh, I eat bread everyday. Even just plain somtimes! Haha

Answer #44

Huh really? I always got the opposite message, see, cause I’m weird like that, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it :)

Answer #45

I eat plain breadddd allllll the time.

Answer #46

Lmao. Ahh..Im used to weird. Lots of people in my life who are. Haha. It’s not a bad thing tho. Like the person who is sitting next to me and prolly just read this. Yeah. Weirdo! But I love him! hahahah

Answer #47

Me too :) Haha it’s soo good

Answer #48

Weirdos! Roll out! I’m just to weird for my own good D: Ya know, now that I remember me and my sister went to the kitchen and we pulled out all this stuff from the fridge, eggs, cheese, loaves of bread, ice, tomatoes, fruit punch, water, then we went into the cabinets and we pulled out all the ingredients and stuff like sugar salt, and all that other nice stuff, OH! and we got coffee too, put it all into one cup, mixed the whole damn thing and drank it!!!! It was the best thing we ever made! Ha, the raw eggs where the best part though :D

Answer #49

Oh my gosh! haha

Answer #50

Try it! Mix everything you have in your kitchen and drink it all! Better yet, mircowave the damn thing!

Answer #51

Hm.. That doesnt sound too appetizing! Haha. But. I may just have to try it one day when Im home and bored to death!

Answer #52

Good luck and I hope your tummy can handle it :D

Answer #53

Aha i do! people call me werid all the time for it! its so much faster than haveing to get out and do it by the sink so why not!

Answer #54

aha actually i know a lot of people who do that! (:

Answer #55

Haha nothing wrong with making sure your hair smells great

Answer #56

Talking my sleep….but not jst tht but full conversations with another person while im sleep but wake up and not remember what i sed ahahahah :P

Answer #57

That’s a tough one since there are so many people. But maybe I’m the only one who is a hardcore gamer (both video games and table-top games) who is also really into gardening, hiking, biking and outdoor sports. Usually the ‘outdoorsy’ types aren’t that into games.

Answer #58

I so do tht when im in a rush which is like everyday hahaha :)

Answer #59

I So do tht hahaha they usually remind my od animal so thts weird hahaha and one looks like a aunt tht i have hahah

Answer #60

I brush my teeth in the shower, it’s my timer for conditioner :)

Answer #61

haha my dad does that!! lol

Answer #62

i can pur like a cat n sound just like it. no joke its like legit. ive tried teaching ppl how but they just couldnt do it lol

Answer #63

omfg i do tht 2! lmao ill look at cars or trucks or watever and see wat kinda face they have…if thts not bad enuf sometimes if i think a car has an evil face ill get nervous being around it if im alone … xD

Answer #64

I literally panic when i hear jewlery commercial music, the old school violin music on those things genuinely makes me freak out.

Answer #65

…im kinda tired atm so i cant think of much but one example is that i act like animals alot (i can meow just like a cat and i act like a dog alot in including smelling ppl without them realizing it, growling, whining and even biting …) wats even worse, sometimes ill do this and other stuff without realizing it and then ppl will look at me like im retarded …. xD

Answer #66

I know and my terrible fear of oil trucks and black vans with no windows doesnt help the fact at all lol

Answer #67

i do that! It seems to provide my boyfriend with hours of entertainment

Answer #68

My grandma only likes butter on hers.

Answer #69

I walk on my tipy-toes when I’m bare feet

Answer #70

i do the same thing expect with the back of the car but somtimes the face of the car kinda looks like the owner like smile and eyes and eyebrows and stuff

Answer #71

when i read i don’t even notice if someones standing in front of me or where i am i like sleepwalk but i’m not sleeping but walking while i read but i never hit or walk into anything and i don’t hear people talking te me either

Answer #72

lol i know what you mean!! when i go with my mom to wal mart, ill get a magazine to read and walk around the store and not bump into anything! haha we’re talented :]

Answer #73

I do that too! lol

Answer #74

That’s the only way my little sister walks, is on her tippy-toes xD

Answer #75

i do that to and somehow they always looks like dogs lol haha

Answer #76


Answer #77


Answer #78

I count how many times I chew something… It can be irritating with gum.. :)

Answer #79

lol i do thaat too!! haha

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