whats so "off-putting" about ginger people?

when I was younger I was constantly bullied for the colour of my hair!

I have ginger hair pale skin and freckles, .. but maybe to some people find this ugly..??? I would really love to know what the fuss is about.. I wont be offended.. so go crazy!! lol

Answer #1

So I have red hair and fair skin and whatnot, I mean honestly I think this is stupid, Its like saying tan blonde people are stupid, it makes no sense, and south park didn’t really help either…GRR but whatever (no offense to tan blonde people… your’e not dumb)

Answer #2

im ginger and I’ve been told im beautiful , gorgeous and yeh I been bullied most of my life but when they keep doing it it makes me stronger

us redheads have the worst tempa and I’ve showed mine no because of people bullying me its because they have pissed me off lool I have freckle’s and pale skin , ginger hair yeh maybe people dont like it but I do cause attention bone , black brown hairs people have to make themselves look nice right I think boys should be with a redhead girl because we are just people , and I dont care what people think because all I do is get compliments and I will keep getting them if people aint serous about my hair looking nice I take it as a compliment aways lool

people said to me ahaha your going to have ginger babies thats not true lool its if you have a baby with a ginger boy lool like my mum and dad they aint got ginger hair but me and my sis have its family inherited people take the piss because some are better looking , we get compliments and we can wear any color make-up and color clothes we can get away with it but most people cant :) xx

Answer #3

Don’t take it personally, but it has been my experience that the overwhelming majority of male gingers I’ve known in my life have been really nasty characters. Their arrogance and obnoxious attitudes invite abuse, in fact. I would have thought it rather self-evident that an ugly ginger would compensate for a lack of physical attractiveness and natural charisma by working on developing a friendly and decent demeanour but this doesn’t seem to be the case. The female gingers I’ve known, and know (one of my closest female friends is a ginger)on the other hand do not exhibit obnoxious, even anti-social, personality traits, so it must be a guy thing.

Answer #4

Asians like FIrecrotch so don’t worry

Answer #5

Nah babe I tottaly want to b ranga!!! They are way hot… besiedes whatever hair coulor you are its whats inside that counts!!

Answer #6

response to kaylaan… gingers have bad tempers FROM being picked on… I was a quiet good kid at the start of school but people bullying me turned me into a nutnut lol.. I used to fight with eeeveryone.. but it was only in response to people picking on me.. I dont see how its fair for it be sooo terrible if a (exampl) black kid was to get bullied because of her skin colour.. but it kinda be ok for a ginger kid to get bullied because were just ginger and “WE HAVE NO SOULS” or something as riiidiculous as that lol and cheers curlyg ;)

Answer #7

Those kids just had nothing better to do.

I saw your picture…what person on this whole earth could call that UGLY?! You have beautiful hair and nice skin. I love that color…it’s so pretty and fun. And freckles really add spice to your character. You’re gorgeous, hun! Embrace it! <3

Answer #8

like people always say ‘gingers have the worst temper’ they probably pick on people like this just to see if they actually do.

Answer #9

people usually just do it as a stereotype. its not that it looks bad.. people just like to pick.

Answer #10

yeah.. I see its down to taste and stuff like I’ve met guys that are crazy about redheads and some that are very nasty about us.. I personally LOVE my hair colour! I just cant see why a colour on someones head could completely turn someone off. like my sis is stunning!! like stunnning! she died her hair to blonde and now guys think shes even more amazing when she looks the same just with blonde hair..? its crazy! maybe its the thought of ginger pubes? or the fact were pale? no? …freckles? I dont know why I just want it to be clear exactly what is wrong with us!! lol

Answer #11

haha well the thing is…I dont think they are ugly at all!

my niece is red headed and has baby blue eyes. given she is only 3 years old but everyone makes over how gorgeous she is and there is this guy [[no name given ;) ] but he is the HOTTEST guy and he has bright red/orange hair. haha but I just think its people point of view. there arnt to many of red heads many many more blondes brunettes and blacks. so since there arnt to many I think people feel obligated to make fun of

Answer #12

Im not jealous at all. And it does grab people’s attention at first glace, but it’s usually negative. Minimoo: I don’t hate red headed people at all(I rather fancy the drink Red Headed Slut=P), I just would never want to be one and don’t find them attractive. I don’t hate them for it. They(unless they dyed their hair) didn’t choose to have red hair. :]

Answer #13

well I’ve never understood this fasinaction abput bullying gingerhaired people either and find it ridiculase I kinda like it and actually have married a gingerhaired man, who himself was bullied for many years. I think it needs to stop now. look at itthis way there just jelous because you have indivuality at first glance you dont need make up or special clothes thats what I will tell my kids when I have some.

Answer #14

I think gingers are hott haha I don’t know why

Answer #15

random. …I love to go on swings but I doubt thats because I have freckles.. but thnks for your input lol

Answer #16

it all depends on the persons taste. I’ve seen plenty of hott gingers

Answer #17

but is there anything in particular that unattractive? or is it just the whole look in genral?

Answer #18

The whole look in general, but I’d have to say it’s the hair color more than anything.

Answer #19

I think they just look bad. I’ve never seen an attractive red head before in my life.

Answer #20


Answer #21

I’m 16 and I have ginger hair, I dyed it brown when I was 12 because I was so ashamed and I never got a boyfriend until I was different, but now im older I realise that it doesnt matter what other people think, at the end of the day its about how you feel about yourself. I’ve gone back to my natural hair colour and I feel confident again about it, some people do find it off-putting, but some people find it gorgeous, like some guys hate blondes, its just all about taste.

Answer #22

people talk about racism, what about hairism? I’m slighty ginger but am not teased for it, I guess it shows if people like you for who you really are, not your apperence.

Answer #23

I guess the freckles makes you look like one of those girls that love to go on the swings

Answer #24

when they eat something or drink something and they say do u a taste of this when its been in there mouth it taste really weird and horrible i can’t describe the taste but taste discusting lol and they smell weird sometimes hahahalol

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