What's so good about Canada?

I’ve seen a lot of my mates from the Uk. and my parents Mate all Wanting to Move to Canada. like Even my Nan lived out der for some time. Why do people want to visit Canada? or even move der :S wot so good about itt?

Answer #1

There’s a couple of reason’s:

The Cold Wheather Their Health Insurance They have the oldest mountain source in the world. Their Economy Is Good (obviously ours isn’t right now) The homes are big and cheap. There are more lakes, mountains, plains, rivers, coastline, glaciers, bears, wolves, cougars, and other wild life than almost anywhere else in the world

Answer #2

PEOPLE ARE FRIENDLY, IT’S A PEACEFUL PLACE!! AT LEAST THEY SMILE!!! here… when I smile at someone they don’t smile!! we are frowny faces!! it’s one of the reasons some people think I’m not from england!!! sorry but it’s the truth :(

Answer #3

We have universal health care, one year paid maternity leave, enough land so that every person can have an acre of their own, and of course hockey! But seriously, Canadians are accepting of others, and laid back and easy going. It’s a peaceful, loving place to live.

Answer #4

Canada is the only self sustaining country in the world that does not rely on import and export to survive Canada can creat its own resources. Canada all so has 9L of uranium thats the biggest quantity in the world of uranium all so your health care is free and the tax we pay to the goverment pays for education health care and many other benefits canada has

Answer #5

Well its cold there and there are many places to visit there along with the scenery and flaura and fauna.The architecture and the landscape.

Answer #6

Hockey,, oh and the health care that was mentioned sound good.

Answer #7
  1. you pay for the healthcare in advance everymonth even before the month is started.
  2. you pay for the healthcare even if no one in your family visits a doctor.
  3. you have to pay for the cost of the medicines+ $9.60 everytime.for example if you buy a medicine whose value is $1.00 you will pay $10.60
  4. canadian govt. likes slavery system.( Immigrants can explain this well).
  5. police does nothing except issuing the tickets to the traffic violators.
  6. canadian govt. is paying pension to a guy who is in jail for the last 18 years, because he raped 11 innocent children and then murdered them.
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