What's the scariest game?

what kind of console game is the scariest or even pc game

Answer #1

darn >.< i thought you meant game like hide and seek and if that was the case i was going to say the oujii board or bloody mary. I suppose the scariest game in my opinion was condemned 2. Only because one scene with a bear freaked me out so bad

Answer #2

Amnesia the dark descent. You have seen me play that before :) I assure you it is quite scary. Ensure you use headphones, or some sort of surround sound system to enhance it more. The scares that Amnesia gives is nothing like other games, its scare is from the environment, sounds and your inability to protect yourself. Basically, you have no weapons, you have to walk through eerie places, with limited oil for your lamp or to light candles. You have your sanity level, the longer you stay in the ddark without light, the lover the sanity goes and things begin getting disoriented. Time to time, you see a scary figure walking by ( the mostner) and you flee from it. You don’t hold a gun or a sword like other games, all you can do is hide, behind a shelf, a table, inside a closet, you peer from where you are hiding hoping the monster is gone and hasn’t seen you. Just the atmosphere the game creates is tremendously scary.

Answer #3

There’s one, I forget what it’s called…the title has something to do with faeries or faery tales and it’s for PS3. Anyway, you’re this girl and your mother is m;rdered and you find her body, so you want answers. So you go to this creepy ass town and at nighttime it turns into this alternate dimension with creepy ass faeries and really horrific creatures and it’s really frightening in an eerie sort of way. There’s this really creepy scarecrow guy that’s supposed to be your guide but he just end up being creepy as f;ck.

Answer #4

red alert is kinda weird

Answer #5

L4D 1 and 2 :P its great :) with loud sound effects

and I would also like to suggest the simplest game I ever played xD Find the Difference :) here http://funadvice.com/r/153eu5cd783

Answer #6

its called foklore =P

Answer #7

Viva Pinata, that stuff can give you nightmares.

Answer #8


Answer #9

the game which i cant play very nicely according to me:P

Answer #10


This made me laugh. But I’ve seen people play the games, they freak me out.

Answer #11

There’s the F.E.A.R games, Condemned games, and that Amnesia: The Dark Descent one that I know of personally.

Answer #12

i think the original resident evil, alone in teh dark and silent hill

Answer #13

yea, they are pretty freaky. I cant play them alone but ive beat both because my friends were to afraid to play it while i was there so they gave me the controller

Answer #14

Oh god, I love F.E.A.R. Silent Hill is another good one. Dead Space Left 4 Dead Resident Evil Doom c:

Answer #15

Condemned 2 isn’t that scary it’s more depressing

The best horror games in my opinion are Silent Hill 1 & 2 Project Zero 2 (known in the US as Fatal Frame) Siren Blood Curse Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 Dead Space 1

The original Silent Hill was scary as that game had good music with an excellent atmosphere. Project Zero 2 (as it’s known to me as I live in the UK) is another creepy game I thought it was a lot better then the first game and it’s well worth checking out. People need to check out Project Zero/Fatal Frame it’s a shame no one has listed it

Answer #16

Just to add to that about Silent Hill what makes it scary is when your radio is going off your left to wonder what is going to attack you and where is it going to come from.

Answer #17

dead space 1 and 2

Answer #18


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