What's your opinion on profile conversations?

Well sometimes i look at peoples profiles and see just conversations, not pictures, updates, questions or small nesseges and idk… whats your opinion on it? i mean isnt that sort of abusing the privelledge of funmail… I hope no one takes offence by this, iv done ir before too.

Answer #1

I think it’s fine! This is a social network!! We should be social!!!

Answer #2

I personally don’t see a problem with it. I like that it lets me see when people post messages to me, the way it was before, I would never notice when someone posted a message to me. But then again, I don’ really have conversations either.

Answer #3

But really? when they have pages full of nothing but conversations?

Answer #4

What people do on their own pages is up to them … I think people would be a little miffed if they had to have all conversations in FunMail.

Answer #5

Well it is a little annoying when they overdo it, I guess.

Answer #6

Im not saying that alll of those convos have to be in funmail, just ya know some peeps over due it.

Answer #7

LOL :$ I do soemtimes

Answer #8

i think it is fine. as long as its not hurtin me or others. Then why should it bother me?

Answer #9

It’s better then when people were posting conversations back and forth in the update section. It’s not effecting me whats on their profile, if it started effecting me i’d get annoyed though.

Answer #10

i dont care to be honest. its that persons page and if they want to have a conversation on it then let them,sometimes you have a little message onto someones profile and it turns into a big conversation lol but honestly i dont care its that persons profile not mine.

Answer #11

I’m with Colleen. Really, no one should care what’s written on another person’s profile- it’s not directed at them.

Answer #12

i agree with colleen..

Answer #13

For example, hello Robert.

Answer #14

What’s bad about them talking to one another on their profiles? I don’t really get the problem in it. Why not? It’s possible, it’s easy, it’s comfortable.

Answer #15

There profile, there conversation, not our business..

Answer #16

I don’t get the “annoying” point. They don’t molest anyone with it. It’s on their own pages. They don’t do it on the status updates or anywhere where they would disturb others. OKay, everyone could read their private conversations. So it’s a little bit like exhibitionism. But then, most of it is rather unspectacular chit-chat. If you aren’t interested, just ignore it.

Answer #17

Hello, onemandog!

Answer #18

Yeah, I don’t really get the annoying part. Mostly because I don’t go to other people’s pages. That’s one solution?

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