whats the major difference between questions and status updates on funadvice?

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The question section is where actual questions that havent been asked alot go, the status update section is where frequently asked questions go, or where you can just share whats on your mind, your pictures, videos, etc.

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Good question. I don’t feel there is any difference except one is a question, one a statement.

I post a question, someone else posts a status update and they both are jumbled together on my page…same color, same layout, same ability to make comments. They look exactly the same.

I have to read each one to determine which it is. That makes me grumpy because it causes me to read the inane status updates where someone thinks the fact they walked from one room to another deserves comment.

I have noticed there are not many people asking questions under the categories I enjoyed before the change. I can’t tell if they have left the site or are doing status updates.

I find the new layout to be extremely geared towards making this site just another social network destination.

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Answer #4

thanks for the detailed answer it is a bit confusing…

Answer #5

“I have to read each one to determine which it is” No, you don’t. On your home page it specifically says “{Name} asked a question” or “{Name} posted a status update”. It’s not hard to distinguish.

Most of the questions now are showing up as questions as long as the first sentence starts with a question words and ends with a question mark. Early on, nearly everything was being sent to an update. Not so much now.

If you have a question that posted as an update, it’s likely because it is a repeat. You can alert one of the admin or myself about that and if it’s valid, we can move it to a question.

In any event, the difference is vast. A question is just that - a question, something someone seeks an answer from. A status update is just a way for users to share videos, photos, or events with one another. It doesn’t require a comment, though people do anyway. Are they set up sort of the same? Yes, but that’s because in the end, they function somewhat alike as people communicate with one another.

This is still a Q and A site, even if it has been reformed to encourage community involvement. Those who continue complaining about it are simply stubborn, in my opinion.

Answer #6

“Those who continue complaining about it are simply stubborn, in my opinion.”

Point taken…I will shut up and allow you to voice your support for the new layout. As I am just being “simply stubborn”, I take that to mean that my opinion has no validity to it. My what a good advisor you are.

And yes, I do have to scroll down through EACH of those posted on my page and see if it is a question or status updates. The format for both is EXACTLY the same.

Though you seem to find it so easy to compartmentalize my feelings as just being “stubborn”, I can assure you that my age, lack of membership in other social sites, facebook, twitter, etc. , have lead to difficulty for me in getting used to the site.

I hope people are more patient with you when you age and are having a hard time catching up with change. I also hope your feelings are met with more understanding and empathy that you have showed towards me.

Answer #7

Good point. But, the browse area is exactly the same as before - and, volume has gone down over the past year (we’re a bit down from last year, and about 25% down from July peak)….which there are a few reasons this should help.

Also, we’re NOT done yet by any means…if you just want questions, well, we’re going to figure out some method of giving that to you…as that’s the primary function of our site, even now.

Answer #8

One other thing: we’re about two weeks away from where we all agreed (the team) on what the feature set was going to be, before launch…so…well, I’m really sorry. Truly. It’s probably asking too much for a bit of patience (give us two weeks) but, I’m going to ask anyway.

Answer #9

hehe, a little bit over heat here, one thing for sure is that No one (users) like changes no matter its for good or bad ;)

Answer #10

Jeremy, all I did was answer a question that I had a hard time distinguishing between status updates and questions on my page. They are the same color, format, size, etc. It does make me have to look at each one to determine what it is.
I did not need an advisor telling me that I am just being stubborn…. I really am having a hard time getting used to the new layout. I am trying. I am answering questions. But to those of us who do not visit or communicate on other site like facebook, twitter, etc…..it is hard to get used to.

Perhaps you could ask some of the advisors to have a bit of patience and understand that some of us are having a bit of a problem, not just being stubborn.

Answer #11

Sigh, I’m telling you that you’re stubborn because you personally have done nothing but complain about the site since day one. I actually respected you a lot on this site and questioned why you personally weren’t an advisor. Don’t act like I’ve somehow belittled you. I just haven’t seen any effort in understanding on your part. I can answer your questions, as can Jeremy, Ericson, and countless other users on here. It upsets me to see question after question answered by you with no actual help but rather more complaints about your issues with the site. I get it, I offended you, and my apologies for doing so. It’s just highly frustrating to see 5 months of hard work criticized on a regular basis. If you need help or don’t like the site, that’s fine. I’m more than willing to assist. It just sucks that you’re influencing other members to dislike the site like you do. It seems unfair, so I provided a contrasting opinion.

Answer #12

By the way, point taken, okay? You think I’m some heartless b*tch, but I’m far from it. You’re judging me just as much as you claim I judged you.

Answer #13

I agree… Also when you pose a question you have to do it all in one shot now instead of heading, category, then the body of your question.. as I found out last night… Status to me means something way different than what im upto at a current moment in time.

Answer #14

okay and whats really annoying is how my picture in my replies is of some young girl… Jeremy we are fixing this right? thanks…

Answer #15

*In addition to all of that, to respond to “I do have to scroll down through EACH of those posted on my page and see if it is a question or status updates.” You can go on the left hand side of the page and hit “Questions” or “Status updates” and filter to see your updates and questions, as well as those of people you follow or those you have participated in. Just so I don’t seem unhelpful…I do my best to uphold my title on the site well, even if you don’t find my time here at all to be beneficial.

Answer #16

@heaven stubblefield….

Really? Question after question answered by me with no ACTUAL help, just complaints about issues. REALLY? You owe me an apology….. Yes I have complained but to pubically state that I HAVE NOT BEEN HELPFUL ON ANY ANSWER IS WRONG!!!! I guess you missed these answers that I posted…..








Answer #17

You had 5 months of hard work getting the new site put together… I had ten seconds to get used to it. You had the luxury to see the changes and know what was going on. I clicked on and poof! there it was. I do hope you will learn some empathy and patience. I for one, have had enough.

Answer #18

I never said you didn’t HAVE helpful answers. “It upsets me to see question after question answered by you with no actual help but rather more complaints about your issues with the site.” Where in that does it say “Hey utopia, your answers are all crap”? Perhaps you missed the part where I said I respected you, and I do. I’ve told that to other people. I know you are highly intelligent and I’m well aware of your value to the site. It does upset me that you don’t acknowledge mine. simply remarked on the fact that you did complain a great deal about the changes, more so than most members I’ve seen and more persistently so. And no, I didn’t have 5 months to adjust. I tested a few features of the site once or twice, but the status updates and general function of the site were news to me. I was new to all of this, just like you. And before you say it’s because I’m experienced with social sites, I’ll tell you that I have a single Twitter account that I used for maybe a week. No facebook, myspace, bebo, or anything of the sort. This is a total start for me too, so don’t assume I haven’t been in your shoes. You’ve blown this far out of proportion. I am empathetic, or I wouldn’t offer help with your issues. I’m sorry you’re struggling so much, but I never ONCE said you weren’t helpful as a whole. You just complain an aweful lot and it sucks because people take heed to that. They aren’t able to see the good about the site because of the complaints that you and others like you are flooding the pages with. There are problems. We are all well aware of that. The guys are working day and night to fix them. I don’t know. I never meant for this to turn into the debate of the century, nor did I expect you to yell at me in caps locks when I already extended my apologies. If you need any assistance in the future, I am still here. I really am a nice person, though I doubt you’d ever try to see that, or the repeated time on this page alone that I said I would help you out.

Answer #19

If you with go back and read my original post…I did not ask for your help. I was stating some things that I find irritating. …you would not be someone I would contact if I need help…. that ship has sailed.

Answer #20

*will add that to my “irritating” list…the inability to edit answers.

Answer #21

I wish you all the best with the new site then. Take care.

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