Whats the best laptop to get?

Im starting college in the fall and want to get my own laptop for school. I’m not tech savy when it comes to stuff like this. So.. I need some help. Whats the best laptop to get? I was looking at the sony vaio eb series i think it was…I really like that one but not sure if its good enough or not. I like downloading tons of music, and editing pictures so i need lots of space/memory..I like watching movies too… and Id like it to be fast. I HATE slow computers lol.

Answer #1

ive just had a look at the spec of your said laptop and to me it looks like it will suffice your needs..

Answer #2

Acer Aspire 69*20G, the laptop is expensive but is money well spend….It’s even better and more powerful then a PC…..Great for online ga–ming….Watching movies is awesome, quality of the screen and you have surround sound…..The screen is long instead of being just wide…..It has pretty colour, black is the best as it’s funky and glossy….It has a long battery life….Only downside it has Window Vista installed when you purchase it.

Answer #3

APPLE :D or maybe dell? o.e

Answer #4

the sony 1 shes looking at has better specifications than that acer 1 sam ;)

Answer #5

dell laptops are good to buy..i recently bought and its really good.

Answer #6

Well Matt, computer is really your dominate so I’ll believe what you say mate :) …I always though Sony were only good at Camera, video camera, HiFI and Televsions.

Answer #7

Dells are shocking, they have repairs shops and call centres in India and don’t get me started on the call centre people….After speaking to someone in their call centre, I want to throw a laptop at their heads. It’s hard to understand what they are saying and vice versa.

Answer #8

oh you mean indian accent?

Answer #9

Yes but it’s more because frustration then anything…most corporations set up call centres in India because it’s cheaper but the language barrier makes it hard when you have issues and they cannot understand you and vice versa….

Answer #10

oh yeah you are right, indian’s english is very annoying sometimes :)

Answer #11

LOL, you are a sweetheart, so politically correct Yashica, don’t ever change :)

Answer #12

oh god their customer support is none existent and if you do get through, oh dont get me started…

Answer #13

no,start lol

Answer #14

LOL Matt….I don’t own a Dell computer thank goodness but people at work gets their laptop from Dell as they deliver the laptops etc but OMGGGGG, their call centre sux….I can see people literally pulling their hairs out…Cheap labour, cheap service.

Answer #15

Depends on what you want. If your in business mac is what you want. Games:DO NOT GET MAC!no games!Get PC cuz it has way more than Mac.But I have macbookpro and for school it’s the best…

Answer #16

they really need to improve this,their salaries are very little so their way of working..need to IMPROVE!!A BIG IMPROVEMENT!!!

Answer #17

Sony viao are awesome, but they are a little brittle, so no kids should be around,

Answer #18

I used to have an awesome ASUS – I LOVED it. ANY ASUS I would recommend. But mine got stolen in a robbery, so I use a much cheaper laptop now with less capability. But I mourn that ASUS all the time. Unfortunately, good ones are around $8-900, which isn’t much in the laptop land, but well, too much for me :D

Answer #19

Thanks for the help/input everyone.

Answer #20

Well a friend just told me apperently the new sony laptops arent as good as they used to be so he sayd. He also told me that Acer is a good brand to get. Ive heard of it but I didnt like think it was a real popular brand so idk if its good or not. He says it is and hasnt had any virusus or big issues with it. But… idk so anyone else have other inputs on good laptops to get for school? Like I said Id like it to have lots of space/memory run fast and not always be so slow at loading things.. and ill be using it for school and prob watching videos on it so its gota be a good one… help? (:

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