whats kind of pets do you have

what kind of pets do you have,what are the names, and why did you choose that name, also why did you pick that animal.

my pets are: ozzy is a yorkshire terrier,flower golden retriver, baby collie mix. I also have a bunny named chip, I have two degus named nicky and maya, and I also have a cat named veronica:)

Answer #1

a little white dog named lucy ;] I got her when I was 4 lol shes still alive ,im 15 and the dog is 10 lol xD

Answer #2

A kitten called Misty.. Hes a boy, but we thought he was a girl:L

Answer #3

I have a dog named charlie, a cat name chacho (wtf?) and a bird named bird.

Answer #4

One hamster, her name’s lolita.. She’s a russian hamster.

Answer #5

I have 5 cats, 1 dog, and a rabbit.

My rabbit is named Talullah. I chose the name just because I really liked it for her for some reason. I chose her because she’s super-soft. I hadn’t really even seriously considered getting a rabbit before I felt how soft she was and saw how sweet she was.

My dog’s name is Skye, and American Eskimo with an “Aussie-type” face. We chose his name as a family because it fit him perfectly. It took us almost a week of having him before he finally got a permanent name.

My first cat is named Azalia, a black and white cat. I didn’t know I was going to be taking her home when I named her. I was just naming a litter of kittens and wanted a name with a “z” in it for one of them, and that’s what I came up with.

My second cat is Moross, a black and white tuxedo cat. I picked him up off the side of the freeway when he was a tiny little kitten, and it was at the Moross entrance ramp, so that’s what I named him.

My third cat is Nugget, a tabby. She’s another kitten that I didn’t know I was going to keep. She’s the runt of the litter, and the vet that I took her to calls every small animal that comes in “Nugget” as a term of endearment, and so I named her that. It does fit her well, though. :)

My forth cat is Lola, a medium-length fur black and white cat w/ a yellow eye and a blue eye. I also didn’t intend to keep her. When I was catching her (her parents are feral and live across the street), I had “Copa Cobana” stuck in my head by Barry Manilow, and that’s how she got her name.

My fifth cat is Evita, a long-haired calico persian. She was dropped off at the vet clinic where I worked, with a note that said “I NEED A HOME.” At first, I called her “Inneda” because of the sign, but I didn’t really like that, and it sounded like “Evita” to me, which is a musical. It was also a little exotic.

All of my cats were rescues, so I didn’t necessarily choose to go out and get any of them. I chose to keep, them, however, because I love cats. They are always hanging around, and so much fun to watch! They’re all very sweet and loving. They come when they’re called (especially when food is involved), and have such unique personalities! :)

Answer #6

I have 3 dogs all cavalier king charles 1 girl 2 boys Charlotte (blenhiem) Alfie(B/T) Sydney (Tri) I got charlotte as a xmas prezzie 2004 shes my world cant sleep one night w/o her

I also have 3 cats Mickey Blue Eyes (Burman Seal Piont) Chocy Biks (English Blue(Very Rare Breed they have blue skin and fur) and Wilsey (Black and White dont know what breed he is?) we did have a norwegian forest cat named binsey but he died 8 year ago he got run ova but him and wilsey were named after the weely bins

I also have a Hamster named Hamstar couldnt think of a name so I cahnger the E to an A in the hamstAr

We also have 8 fish Bully Mouldy Mouldiest Goldy Red P Diddy Usher Akon

In he next week or so we are getting Rata and Touie named after the film rataouie (cant spell) they are rats BTW

Answer #7

I have a dog named kolby, two cats named poe and maxine, atwo fish named dory and oarngie, a hamster named cloudy, a horse named shadowfax, AND OMG A ZEBRA! WE FOUND HIM LEFT BEHIND FROM A CIRCUS AND THE CIRCUS DIDNT WANT HIM CAUSE HE WAS A RUNT!

Answer #8

I only have a goldfish who is lonely and lives in the downstairs toilet. When we first got him we got three. We named them all, but then 2 died. Now we have no idea which this one is, so he doesn’t have a name.

Answer #9

her name is finella

lol jk I dont have a horse or a zebra…I wish I did

Answer #10

I only have a dog,his name is Armonoe (I don’t know how to spell his name). He’s a mixed breed,worth a lot of money.

Answer #11

I have a minature jack russel called milly, shes my world. I have 2 cats called sassy and olly(oliver). sassy is called sassy becauseof homeward bound and olly is called oliver because of oliver and company. I also have a few fish all there names are from finding nemo!

Answer #12

Wooop! We both have bunnies, I don’t know what I would do without my little guy, I initially wanted a dog, but rabbits are expensive, cute and cuddly, and don’t need to be taken on walks, besides, I can have him on the sofa, and cuddle him like any other dog.


Hes a cutie!

Answer #13

I have 2 westies.. a male who is 2yrs old called Buddy and a female who is 10 weeks old called Macy! they are a handfull but I loce them to bits… they are true characters who love to cuddle up to you but im forever tripping up over them!!!

Answer #14

I have a mini doxin named shela and I chose her name and I chose her as a pet because their veary smart they cuddle and have many persanilty

Answer #15

I have 9 cats - Chubby, Santana, Sneakers, Hoodoo, Phat Kat, Archie, Molly, Little Lulu, and Mini Phatty - they are all different colours and types and the names suit them :P 6 Rats- Templeton, Herman, Gusto, Burnie, Gomez, and Jezebell - their names were random (I breed them and my next litter will be in May and they will be named after X-Men characters :P) 2 snakes - Gertrude and Medusa - random too 1 tarantula - Trixi - the name she can with 1 Mouse - Whiz - had a sister named Cheese 1 Fire Belly Newt - Ned - after the show I watched when I was younger called “Ned’s Newt” 1 Fire Belly Toad - Jeremiah - for the song “Joy to the world” and many fish with no names

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