Whats it like giving birth?

I’m no where near getting pregnant, but I was just curious.. does it hurt? Do the nurses stare at you? Do they touch you? What about your family? Do they see your girly parts?!

Answer #1

For me, labor was amazing! I know that sounds wierd, but I loved it. I was in active labor for 36 hours, and yes it was painful, but I got an epidural at 5cm. I thought it was such an amazing experience. I am a very, very modest girl, and I was sooo nervous about the Dr’s, nurses and my mom all looking at me down there, but seriously, you just don’t care at that point. I pushed for a little over 2 hours, and while it was very painful, when my daughter came out, I didn’t care how much pain it was. I would go through that 10 times over for the outcome. You will never forget the moment they put your child on your chest. I even had a full apezeatemy(sp?) and didn’t feel it at all(until after she was out, ouch). But, honestly, its so much fun. My daughter is 10 months old now, and when I look at pictures of when she first came out I just bawl. Its amazing. I suggest an epidural though! :)

Answer #2

Yeah, the definatly don’t do enema’s anymore. They think it’s unneccasary.

Also, for all the girls saying, “I wont let anyone see anything, they better stay up by my head” That’s easy said now. By the time you get pregnant, go to the doctor once a month or more where he looks and pokes down there, get into the hospital, have the nurses check you every 30 minutes down there, feel the pain or labor, etc. You really dont know how you will react. I lost all dignity while I was pregnant. I didn’t care who was in that room and who saw me down there. All you are concentrating on is getting that baby out of you and the pain.

Also, for the person saying there are some painless births, that is so very rare. They may not feel as much pain, or for as long as some people. The other things though, remain the same. There is still a lot that goes along with pregnancy, I dont care how easy it is for you. Some things are still painful and uncomfortable.

Answer #3

omg the way that girl is going on it seems like the worst experience in your life!!! im never having a baby im scared now! lol pulling your lower lip over your head??? yeah that bout does it for me!! haha

Answer #4

They don’t give you enema’s anymore when you are in labor. I have 3 kids and an enema wasn’t even an option.

Answer #5

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that you take a crap on the delievery table! Another joy of giving birth lol. Don’t forget also, the entire time you are in labor, you can not eat or drink. No matter how long it last.

Answer #6

I had pretty typical “normal” deliveries and labor…didnt have any embarrassing things happen to me… as colethky said, when you are actually going through it, you wont care who sees you just want it done and over…

Answer #7

I had natural birth with all 3 of my kids with midwives…it hurts A LOT!!! Was like a freight train ripping through ya, BUT the minute its done…its so worth it!

Answer #8

what’s it mean to empty your bowels? do you HAVE to go through that? can’t you get it out of your belly? sea-section?

Answer #9

what’s it mean to empty your bowels? do you HAVE to go through that? can’t you get it out of your belly? sea-section?

Answer #10

Obviously it hurts having a human coming out of your vajayjay, there are meds to help but there will still be a lot of pain. And yes the nurses have to touch you to guide the baby out. There is a blanket over the girl parts so the family doesn’t see them.

Answer #11

I don’t think there is much I can add to what mandyloo said except…once they start coming in to check you really don’t care anymore. Think about it a head the size of a ball is coming out of you…who cares who sees anymore?

Oh yeah and you forgot about when you push and you end up emptying your bowels…talk about embarrassing.

Answer #12

amanwithalotofanswers, since you think childbirth is such a momentous occassion, its sad that you wont have to go through it.

It sounds disgusting and undignified to me. I kinda wish I was one of those women who dont want to have children because im just not sure I can endure the pain and the embarrassment. Unfortunately for some strange reason I do really want to have kids oneday… But I am making it absolutely clear to my family, if they want to be in the delivery room, they stay at my head! If they cant manage that they will have to go and wait outside the hospital!

Answer #13

To describe the pains of labor, there was a comedian named Carol Burnett that described labor as this:

Grab your bottom lip and pull it over your head.

Oh, and you’ll get an enema to prevent you from taking a crap on the delivery table.

Having children is a momentous occasion and if you haven’t seen the health videos (I’ve seen numerous videos…why people tape this is beyond me) of child birth you will soon, I’m sure.

Anything else, let me know.

Answer #14

A c-section is normally a longer and harder recovery…a lot of doctors will only do them if there is a medical need for it…besides a lot of insurance companies won’t pay for elective c-sections.

When I say empty your bowels I mean while you’re pushing the baby out you also end up pushing out some poop. There’s nothing really you can do to stop this from happening and it’s perfectly normal just completely embarrassing.

Answer #15

That is exactly the reason why I never want children in my life. Don’t want to go thru all that.Disgusting.

Answer #16

Ohh God it all seems so painfull im well scared !! Im going to try to put it off 4 aslong as possible!!

Answer #17

BLAH! I don’t want to have a baby anymore, lol.

Answer #18

It’s just the truth. I had my son 4 months ago, so I’m just speaking from experience. Sad thing is, I still left some gross stuff out.

Answer #19

Wow, no more enemas. Interesting, interesting…

Answer #20

I’m 19. I have a 10 month old. I gave birth Vaginally without medication. All natural! I was in labor for 5 hours and 55min with a 7pound 8ounce girl. The contractions aren’t so bad in the beginning, but they got really intense and painful the last three hours of my labor. I punched my Boyfriend while having a contraction…he got too close while I was in pain lol. I threw up (that’s a sign that the pushing phase is about to happen) three or four times. The pushing part sucked balls, but it only took me 3 minutes to pop her out. THANK GOD! Those three minutes felt like forever. I bled for 2 1/2 months after having my baby. That was the grossest and most unpleasant part of the whole ordeal, combined with the episiotomy. I was in enormous pain down there for quite a while. Having sex after three months was torture. It really friggin hurt, man. I don’t even know why I let him touch me so soon after the birth. I should have waited six to eight months. Anywho… I’m just glad that’s all over,but, wait! There’s more! I think I’m knocked up again! Cries I did just have my first period, though, but it was short and I’ve been having unexplained nausea… and crying at the drop of a hat… and eating a lot when I don’t feel sick. CRAP! Well, if I am I’ll just have to accept it and never have sex ever again after this one. lol.

Answer #21

It hurts a lot. My sister recently gave birth to her daughter and she was in SO much pain she couldn’t speak..In the delivery room she ended up passing out. They don’t give you an epidural in my country unless you have your delivery in a nursing home and you pay for it. So if you have your baby in a public hospital its all natural. (Hence more pain). On top of that she got stiches so for a few days after she was in more pain. Breastfeeding and walking was a bit difficult for her. But I know the joy of seeing your little cutie pie to me will be worth all the pain…

The nurses are there to help you and you will not be the first patient they attended to. So you should feel uncomfortable, they’ve seen other vaginas before.

In my country family members are’nt allowed in the delivery room. You have to wait outside, so all that I’m telling you if from what my sis told me.

Answer #22

yes giving birth hurts but its worth it . not everyone poops during labour . my first child was by emergency c-section because I was very ill . the recovery after having a c-section is not nice at all and takes longer to heal . my second child well what can I say ,she was a big baby 9 pound baby and I had a lot of stiches after . labour was for about 2 days , I never pooped during labour . but holding my little girl (or big girl lol) was the best feeling I have ever felt in my life . and well worth it . I’m now pregnant with my 3rd and its a boy . I’m scared but I know labour and birth will not last forever . I choose to have no pain relief because I want to feel what is going on with my body but there are so many things to stop the pain, so giving birth is not all that bad . don’t listen to people who say other wise . if you want a child then its worth every minute trust me . :)

Answer #23

Mandyloo is right. I had two 9 lb girls, and doctor said if I had a boy , it might weigh 14 lbs like my father … I said TIE MY TUBES NOW !!! If I want another baby, I’ll adopt or buy a puppy !

Of course, that was when drugs were more dangerous , so I didn’t use any… If I had it to over, I’d get pain medication for sure !! Just not a spinal…I wouldn’t want that risk.

If you want to know what it’s like…get an 8 lb bowling ball, and try stuffing it where the sun doesn’t shine. Not fun. You have to seriously want children…and of your own genes…to go thru this. USE BIRTH CONTROL PEOPLE…This is not something to do by accident !!! Adoption sounds better and better ! Somebody else makes a mistake…goes thru all the pain, ruins their figure, and you get a precious little baby to love you for life (except for the teen years when most people are impossible to get along with) … Angelina Jolie is starting a good fad…I’m so sad to think of children in orphanages.

Answer #24

-Your pushing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a pea. -You are most likely going to tear, sometimes from front to back. -You get stitches. -You get poked in the back for the epidural -The epidural usually just takes the contractions away not the pressure -The pressure is a whole different kind of pain, imagine all your intestines, trying to escape from your vagina. -The contrations are like period cramps times a million. -The nurses are coming in every 30 seconds, to stick their fingers in you to check for dialation, give you a catheter to drain the pee out of you, and to poke around down there. -There the ring of fire, as they call it when the baby’s head crowns, it really does feel like your vagina is on fire and ripping! -Then afterwards, you have the fun adventure of bleeding for up to 6 weeks. The first time you get up out of the hospital bed after giving birth, blood and fluid gushes from your vagina all over the floor. -You’ll most likely pass blood clots after giving birth too. If you dont get to the bathroom fast enough, they can fall down your pantsleg. -Dont forget, no tampons! Only big nasty pads for the next 6 weeks!

That doesn’t even include the pregnancy -the swollen body parts that ache -the constipation -the hemmroids -the aching breast -the not being able to get up of the sofa by yourself -the strechmarks -the morning (allday) sickness -the kicks the baby gives to your ribs -the frequent urination -the constant pap smears -the blood work

Also ya know I really didn’t want my family to see all down there, but it happened. As often as the nurses come in to check for dialation I got sick of kicking everyone out the room, I just gave up. Everyone saw everything.

Answer #25

I have never gave birth but im just sayin what my mom went through, my mom had it easy, she had no pains or anything, she didnt even know she was havin contractions til the nurses told her. the cord was wrapped around me so they had to do a c-section. and she didnt have a hard recovery. she was sore yes, but it wasn hard or anythingfor her to recover, when they brought me home, she did laundry and hpousework. my mom had no pain what so ever. my friend had a c-section with hers b/c it was too big to have him naturally and she recovered fine, sore of course, but it wasn painfull. every woman is different, some women doesn go through pain others so, also it may have to do with your family, b/c all the women in our family has had easy births. so you may want to ask the women in your family. not all births are the same, you may have pain while others dont. like I said I dont have any kids or anything, bu tim just sayin from what mom told me and my friends that has had kids. some had it rough and others it was a simple thing.

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