Whats going on with me?

My stomach is kindof hard, & when I push on it, it kindof hurts. Also, when I push on it sometimes, I can feel my heart beating, like my pulse. What do those things mean?
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your probably just bloated, that exact thing happens. you just ate something your stomach doesn't agree with. take peptobismo (or however you spell it)

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actually, my stomach isnt really all that hard.

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Well, the pulse makes sense, because if your stomach is bloated or swollen at all, you are just feeling the normal blood pumping around, but for once it is close enough to the surface to feel it. The question is, what is making it swollen? Maybe it is indigestion/bloating, or you may have a mild infection. Is it hurting? If it's not too bad but it stays, I suggest you ask a pharmacist for advice. If it's really painful or it gets worse, see a doctor.

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uh, jerk?!

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