What's better - a condominium or a home?

Answer #1

Home, home sweet home, no place like home….

Answer #2

no serious

why not a condo?

i mean if a person owns a home then he will b on the street level outside.

but a owning a 1st floor condo is cooler same sq ft as a home

Answer #3

Well, I’d be be happy enough living in a log cabin: everybody would know it was made of wood, or even a mud hut, ….. . ….. but I’m not sure I like the idea of living in a condominium. .

Answer #4

I’d prefer home. You just get more freedom, and I dislike the idea of someone above me or below me that I’m not living with.

Answer #5

I say a home

Answer #6

I think you’re mixing up words here … your question should read “a condominium or a HOUSE”. A “home” is simply the place you dwell and it can be anything from a bachelor’s apartment to a mansion. The thing about condos is that they are usually governed by the citizens who share a condo n the same area and there are often pretty strict rules.

Answer #7

ofcourse home:D

Answer #8


Answer #9

Depends on you neighbors. A bad neighbor can make life hell while a good neighbor can safe your life.

If you live in a condo, you are much closer to the neighbors. You hear it whenever they party. You hear their babies whine at night. You hear their dogs bark, you hear their parrots shriek. You may even hear their bathroom flush. And they hear you. They depend on your respect and consideration. You depend on their respect and consideration.

If you have a layman lawyer downstairs, who notes down every sound they hear after 10 PM, who note down whether your bicycle is parked one foot too close to the fire stairs and who note down that you missed cleaning the second bar of the railing when it was your turn to clean the stairs… and then complain about you… that will be terroar.

If you have an antisocial idi*t living next door, who will sleep at daytime and party loudly from 10 PM to 5 AM in the morning and then you have to get up at 6 to go to work, you will hate it.

If you have a nice old lady next door who will watch your kids when you go out in the evening if you, in return, help her carry her things upstairs after she came home from shopping… this will be just great.

If you have a good person living in the condo next door, who will hear that you fell to the floor and come to check if you are all right, this may safe your life after you have a stroke or heart attack.

Good neighbors will scare off burglars, help you with lifting heavy things, repair your car if you fix their computer, warn you in case of fire, paint the common rooms together with you, help you with your part of the garden if you help them with theirs and they will feed your cat and water your flowers if you leave on vacation.

Answer #10

Condos have security protecting the building you own. Houses are warm and comfortable place to live in but it really depends on your lifestyle. If you like the home sweet home then it is a house if you want the high life in the city then you get a condo.

In my opinion, I’d live in a condo. Thats my choice though.

Answer #11

i would prefer to have a home of my own, but for feeling of being secure a condo.

Answer #12

a house* cause you never know, if you have some bad people on the level above/lower than you…

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