Whats a comeback u can say when someone calls you 4 eyes -_-' ?

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four eyes are better than two eyes

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The best thing to do is be mature about it...engaging in a war of childish wit doesn't make you look any better.

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"I'm not offended by what you say... I'm just glad you're stringing words into sentences now." And walk off. :) Or just don't say anything - just be the bigger person and walk away.

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i would rather have four eyes then have 4 stomachs.....sorry that was really mean....

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Haha, that's a good one! :L

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actually all you need to do is just ignore them. if you ignore them then they'll eventually get bored of teasing you and they'll go away, but if you keep it going your'e only going to get more frustrated with them.it's like what himfromthepowerpuffgirls said 'just be the bigger person walk away' so don't stoop down to their level, just be the mature person here

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lol irishtomboy thATS what i say lol

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lol irishtomboy thATS what i say lol

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Being the bigger person isn't gonna do anything but make it worse, trust me. Just say this "mind your own business and maybe I won't beat on you" and than walk away.

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"All the better to see your ugly ass face with...aw, too bad for me." :P

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My comeback would probably be:

Your rapier-like wit cuts me to the quick. So original! How long did it take you to think that up?

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4 stomachs...? i dont get it :S

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Shes saying the person is fat lol

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vision 10/10 - like s/he has good eyesight or your point?

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Might as well use my four eyes to see you normal looking ass face

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Shit. Too bad for you, because you sure as hell look better when I have two eyes :)

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