What's another program like Limewire?

Whats a good program like Limewire but that does not have virusus and stuff like that?

Answer #1

Ares or Piolet

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Answer #3

I have frostwire.

And I’ve heard of ‘shareaza’ but I’m not sure how good it is.

Answer #4

bearshare b.t.w. limewire has virisus

Answer #5

what did they download porno you could get virus from some porno downloads but not music

Answer #6

Nothing wrong with Limewire free version. One does not have to pay to upgrade it, no point!

You search for your song and download your song. Job done!

One of the main problems is that people do not really understand how to use it properly and fail to have a decent firewall and antivirus system on their PC’s.

Answer #7

limewire does have virus, many people I no whu run it have downloaded the wrong files and have had virus on their computer becos of it

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I use utorrent and download from isohunt.com you can download whole discographies and movies etc. its legal too check it out

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Answer #11

Can we just clear this up once and for all!

The program Limewire DOES NOT contain viruses, Spyware, Adware, Trojans etc…in fact it is perfectly fine as far as this is concerned.

It is so frustrating to keep reading comments from people saying ‘Limewire contains viruses’…IT DOES NOT!!!

Like all free similar music/video download programs, you get the viruses, trojans, adware etc downloading from links to unknown souces through these programs and from not having a decent anti virus/Firewall program installed on your computer.

You also get these nasty things through all these file sharing programs if you do not understand how they work and which are the safer links to download.

Songs/movies are not on the actual Limewire site, there is no such thing. The program just allows you to download items that other users chose to share with you.

If this other person has virus infected songs, programs, movies on their PC that you chose to download, this can happen regardless of what download program you use.

You also have people that deliberately allow others to download trojan, viruses etc because they want to gain access to your PC so they can access your credit card details etc…

The other type of person you have is the malicious person who just thinks it is ‘amusing’ to allow others to infect their own PC’s by deliberately sharing infected files.

Can we please not keep blaming the program for infecting your PC. It is your own doing by using programs such as Limewire, Bearshare, Azeraus etc to download files that you have no idea what they contain.

I have used Limewire for years (and downloaded 100’s of files) and never had a single virus, Trojan, spyware downloaded through it. Why?

Because I have a good antivirus installed on my computer I have a good firewall installed I am careful what I download And finally, I made it a point to research and read the program instructions and know what I am doing.

Just to recap, Limewire does NOT contain any form of spyware or viruses. However, if you don’t know how to use it, the chances are that you will use this program to download these nasties.

Sorry to rant on but hopefully we can put this matter to sleep now and people will not keep repeating what they have heard third hand, @Limewire contains viruses’! IT BL@@DY WELL DOES NOT! smile

Answer #12

Limewire is fine as long as you are careful what you are downloading and you have a good Antivirus system on your PC.

I have used it for years and never had a single virus on my PC from it.

Answer #13

Don’t you believe it when you hear some of theses idiots say that your computer is safe while on limewire and other sites like it! It is true that limewire itself dose not have viruses but the stuff you download sure as hell can! I mean your not just going to log on to limewire and just admire it?? You’re going to use it for whatever suites you’re fancy. And as soon as you download something you’re going to want to open it ….. Well that’s when it will infect your computer. Some anti-virus programs can be set to catch it before it dose damage but not all of them. And most will not catch tracking programs that may leave you vulnerable to identity theft so if you’re going to use it use some caution,

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