What's the best airline service to travel all around the world?

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The one with the fastest planes:D

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Asiana Airlines won the prestige Airline of the Year award at the 2010 World Airline Awards, that took place in Hamburg.

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Well not sure but definitly don't use continental!!total hell!!!no lil tvs in front of you or anything and food is crappier than usual!!!

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Must be French Air line then for having the former Concorde... :D

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this is going to be surprose for you but there are no single company that works on all airlines. I mean really in global range.

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just signed up with virgin America
and continental

gonna sign up with south west to later on

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Emirates. They have great service, comfortable seats, great entertainment, good food, etc, and Dubai airport is nice. They have stops all over the world. I also like British Airways, but you really need to be flying either business or first. I hate the airport, but they have nice lounges, and nice hotels.

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us airways just saying!!!! if you wanta talk hit me up on my email stephanieexley@rocketmail.com

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