whats it mean if your an advisor on fun advice?

Answer #1

It means you’re an advisor? Are you talking about what we do? At the moment not much, the new transition’s taking a while. We usually get rid of duplicates, move questions to the right categories, remove questions that break the rules etc.

Answer #2

and do you get paid?

Answer #3

This is what the about us says

Who’s in your team? The three founders are: Jeremy Goodrich, President Ericson Smith, CTO Widhadh Waheed, Vice President

Our wonderful staff: Dara Solomon, Community Manager Staff alumni: Hayley Johnson, Weekend Community Manager Adam Goodrich, Contract Marketer / administrator Shunquan Tan, Lead engineer You can read a bit more about the founders here in our first press release and our company history. However, one thing to keep in mind: it’s not just about the people who created the site, it’s about the whole community that makes it all possible.

In addition to our staff, we have dozens of volunteers from all around the world (commonly referred to as our advisors) that help answer questions, solve problems, and assist with the daily operation of the site.

Answer #4

hmm, my no disappeared. Anyways, no. We dont.

Answer #5

is there an age limit on this advisor job(:

Answer #6

I think you have to have posted on the site for at least three months or something. I remember Jeremy saying the rules of it and such in a question a while ago.

Answer #7


Answer #8

Just post and be a valuable member for that long. Then message Dara Solomon (@editor) and say that you want to ea an advisor, if you’ve been good to the site, you’ll probably end up an advisor.

Answer #9

lol then i guess mii chances are probley low(:

Answer #10

I’d say they are after some of the things you’ve said on here so far.

Answer #11

lol i know(: that why i said its gunna be super low cuz im not takeing most of this seriously(:

Answer #12

I’m going to go ahead and predict that you aren’t going to last long on this site. You’re going to be one of these people who comes in here, has fun p*ssing people off for a few days, get bored, or get your account deleted and leave.

Answer #13

yeah i get bored of this sight easily bt ppl are getting P.O. so ill stay a while(:<

Answer #14

and i heard that to became advisor you need to get votes by advisors.they will decide after seeing answers that you must promoted into advisor or not.but is there a final desicion maker???

Answer #15

It’s actually only a month. It’s very rare (I’ve seen it happen less than a handful of times), but occasionally users are promoted within the first few months of being on here. The rest was accurate though.

Answer #16

Editor aka. Dara makes the final decisions.

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