Whats a cute name for a rat?

I’m getting 2 baby rats really soon. Any ideas for cute names?

My animal’s names I have now are; lacey, patches, daisy, gizmo & snicklefritz

Answer #1

Pickky Deedee Zim Zimmy LouLou Jeanie Mimi Hini Aries Arman Ashley Asia Atlas Audrey Azizi Baby BabyCakes Babylon Bacchus Badger Bailey Baku Baldrick Bambam Bandit Bartleby Basil Beamer Bear Billy Billy Bob (Billy for short) Biscotti Blackjack Blana Blanco Blinkin’ Bolt Bomarange Bonnie Boo Boo Boo Boomqueda Boots Boston Brownie Bruiser (Brooser) Bubbles Bubonic (Boo Boo for short) Buddy Bull-Dog (Bull, or Bull-Buddy for short) Burrito Buttercup Butters Buttons Cadera Cain Cairo Calista Candy Captain Jack Sparrow (Jack) Casper Cat food Chandler (Chan for short) Charlemagne Charles Charlie Charlotte Charlotte (nicknamed You BAD Rat) Cheddar Chickpea Chico China Chip Chloe Chompy Chopsticks Chum Cinnabon Clarice Cleo Cleopatra (Cleo for short) Clouds Clover Clown Cookie (Mr. Cookie, Mr. Cookers, Cookers or Cook Cook for short) Cookie Dough Cuddles Wagner Curly Curly-Cue Ratus Cushy Cyclops (Cy for short) Dainty Daisy Dean Dec Dementia Deshret Destination Devil Dexter Diamond Lil Diesel Digger Dan (Digger for short) Dipstick Dirty Dizzy Dolly Domino Dorothy (Dottie) Boldy Dot Duane Ducky Duke Duster Dustin Dusty Dustyroo Egypt Eightball Ein (pronounced “Eye-na”) Einstein Elijah Elphie Em-em Emil (pronounced Ay-mull) Eve Evo Evros (pronounced Ever-os) Fat Tony Favre Faye Felix Fievel Fizzgig Flatcap Flor Frank Franklin Fudge FX Gallegher Gato Gemini George Geronimo Gizmo Gus Godiva Gracie Grafitti Gretchen Hades Hala Halfy Twins (nickname for twins with half hoods) Hannah Hannibal Happy Harold Harper Harriette Harrington Harry Haru (or Mama) Hebe Hector Henry Herb Williams Hercules Hermione Hermoine Heroo Hillary Honey Hoodie Hope Howie Hudini Hyperion Ickiss Iggy Isabelle (Izzy for short) Isis (pronounced Ice-Is) Izma Jack Jade Jasmine Jasper Jay Jesus-Freak (Jesus-Rat, or Jeebus, or Jesus for short) Jet Jewel Jill Jimmy Jinx Joe Cool (Joey) Joey Josh Jr. Junior J.ust R.at (J.R.) Kaiden Kaiser Kanga Karen Kenny Rogers (Kenny for short) Keravny Kia Kino Lady Godiva Lambeau Leena Leilani Lemon Libra Lightning Lightning Bolt Lily Linaly (pronounced Linn-al-E) Lister Little Foot Little Rat Lloyd Wagner Loki Lola Lollie Loogaroo Lottie Louise (or Weezie Woo Woo) Lucky Lucy Lunar Lyra Macduff Mad Dog Madeline (Maddie) Magenta Maisy Mamma Maple Marigold Marley Marrical Marshy Martin MaryJane Mary Kate Matthias Matthilda Mauwi Mee Mee Melpomene Memnoch Mercutio Merlin Metatron Micro (pronouced Mee-Cro) Miestreo Miffy Milo Minerva Minnie Mint Misfit Missy Misty Mocha (short for Mocha Cappucino) Mohave Molly Monica Monterey Jack Cheese (Monte for short) Moose Moonpie (nicnamed Little Debbie Snack Cake) Morpheus Morphious Mortimer Mr. Rat Mr. Sir (Sir or Sir Fur) Mrs. Pepper Mr. T Mya (pronounced My-Ah) Mystery

Answer #2

Nikita Nimbus Niner Niobe Niobi Nixie Noel Noodle Norvegicus Nosfer (short for NosfeRATu) Oden Odet Oliver Onyx Orchid Owen Padme Paris Patchy Patrick Paws Peabody Peanut Pearl Pebbles Penelope (Pene) Penny-Lane Pepe Pepper Pepsi Percy Persephone Pewter Phagen Philiciti Phoebe Phoenix Pickle Pinky Pip Piper Pippin Pipsqueak Pizzo Pockets Pooky Porky Powder Princess Proffessor Whiskers Prue Pumpkin (Pump Pump, Pump, or Pumpers for short) Pungey Puss Pyp Quark Quentin Rachel Radinski Rain Rasta Ratbat Ratbert Ratigan Ratina Ratman Ratmandu Rats Domino Ratso Rat-ta-tat Ratticus Finch Rattus Ratty Ratty Arbuckle Raven Razzle (Raz for short) Reese Reeses Reggie (nicknames: Reggie Weggie, Regster, Reginal) Remy Revlon Rex Rezin Ricky Riddick Riff Raff Rigby Rimmer Ringo Riso Rizzo Robbie Roberto Robin (“Ratnick”) Rodney Romeo Ronan Ronnie Roo Rosey Rosie Ross R.O.U.S. (for Rodent Of Unusual Size) Rua Ruby Rufus Salty Sam Sammy Samule (Sammy for Short) Samwise Gamgee (Sam for short) Sandino Sandy White Beans (Sandy Beans or Sandy for short) Satsuki (Sukie for short) Scabbers Scamper Scruffes Scruffles Scully Scuni Sebastian Seifer (pronounced Sigh-fur) Serenity Seymour Shadow Shakespeare Shanon Sheila Silk Silversides Simon Sinclair Skweekers Slam Slate Sleeps Smoky Smudge Smugey Smurfy Snicker Snickers Sniff Mister Snoopy Snowball Snowflake Snuggles Socrates Sophie Soybean Spam Sparky Speckles Spice Spike Splat Splinter (Splint) Sploge Spot Spoti Spud Sqeak Squeek Squeekers Squirt Starla Starr Stewart Biggall Stitch Stoner Storm Stuart Little Sugar Sugar (Sug for short) Sundae Sweetie Pie (Sweet-P for short) Tabbris Sunni Symone (Monie for short) Tai (pronounced “Taya”) Tak Tane Tank Tara Tasslehoff Tayla Templeton Templeton Jr. Tess Tethys The Godfather Themis The Rat! Thissle Thunder Tickles Tinkerbell Titan Tiz Toast Toena Tonks Tooey Tres Trina Trinket Trinity Trixy True Tucker Tushie Uno Veggie Veronica (Ronnie) Boldy Vyolet Wauwi Weasle Whiskers Wicket Wiley what Willard Willow Winkin’ Winky Winter Wrenna Xena Zeppelin Zero Zeus Zin (Zinny) Zoe Zues

Answer #3

I have two rats and there names are henry and Gomez…and they are both girls :) but for my next rats I’m thinking of names like Fransisco, Tempelton (Charlotte’s web)

Answer #4

I’ve had many rats in the past and here were a few of their names… Angel (after the TV show), Riddick (pitch black), Willow, Phoenix, and Butch. Other good names are Faith (thats my dogs name but it could be for a rat too), Binx, Pepi, Loco/Loko or Loka/Loca for a girl (spelling up to you) and there is Raven which I like and want to call my new baby rat that but she is dark brown like chocolate and not black…would go better if she was black (maybe even if she was pure white). By the way raven can be a boys name too. Can be spelled Raven or Wraven.

Answer #5

My rats are named Magellan and Trent.

In the past I’ve had Othello, Bowie, Heathcliffe…

Answer #6

lol both girls ummm…welll I have one but you may not like it…it’s gypsy

Answer #7

Woody Buzz Ziggy Casey Mishca Curmit Ti Mae Su Zoe

Answer #8

well if there white ablino’s how about powder, snowwhite,pinkey,baby, and if not how about,rose,petels,pepper,coco,craker.

Answer #9

Oh and forgot to mention… both girls. :)

Answer #10

Wilbur and Ben

Answer #11

What about Cheese?

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