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Me and some friends been talk iong with everything that is going on in the world some are saying from what it says in the bible how many actually think that the end of days is coming ?

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If you study the Bible there are many signs and if you look at the evening news and compare, you see them coming true rapidly today - As a Christian, we need to look upward because it appears our redemption draws nigh - could come very soon !! - He who the Son (Jesus) has set free...is free indeed !! - what you must do to be saved can be found on my profile page if desired.

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I do believe the world will come to an end, but not now, and not like this

Everything that lives must one day die, but don't give in to the hype that prophecies have caused. There have been many "end of the world" declarations since man was able to put sentences together, and yet - we still stand here

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The Bible doesn't predict events that are happening in the world today.

People in every generation thought they were living in the "end times" and the world is still here. Religious prophecies don't have a great track record.

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People have been saying that sort of nonsense for thousands of years. The human race will have ceased to exist through evolutionary pressure long before our sun explodes and destroys the earth.

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If we keep abusing the environment, the end of days may be coming soon.

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The Bible talks about times of tribulation like has never been seen before. I focus on today. What is about to happen. Will New Orleans be destroyed again by Gustov? What about the third world countries? Are we giving them help? Is my country? Is my church? What am I doing to participate in helping? Can I do more?

Does God love me? Do I love him? Can He still heal people? What is prayer? Do I need to beg God, or should I take what the Bible says he has done and agree with it?

If the world ends, it ends. If things get worse will they be restored. Will I go to Heaven? What is New jerusalem? What is new Earth? WHAT IS TRUTH?

God bless you and your wife. You will know the truth and the truth (reality) will make you free.

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The problem with prophecies is that they're always so vague that you can fit them to just about any vaguely plausible event and claim they were fulfilled. Witness the absurd convolutions they went through to have Jesus fulfill the prophecies required to make him the prohpesised son of god (such as a massive census requiring everyone to travel to their home town - of which there is absolutely no historical record).

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I think this is one thing, that all religions agree upon. If not, someone please enlighten me.

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I give the eath abou another 93 years till it ends

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