What would you pay for clear skin?

Well, for me, I paid $4. If you’re like me and suffer from acne, you have to try this. Buy some cheap dollar store aspirin, preferably the uncoated ones. Take four or five pills in the palm of your hand with a little sprinkle of water which should dissolve the pills into a bakingsoda-like paste, combine this with any clay mask product (I like St. Ives Firming Clay Masque from Walmart/Walgreens). Leave this mixture on your face for about 15 minutes until dried, then gently scrub and wash it off. Results: soft, glowing skin and any breakouts you have will significantly decrease within the next day or so. This helps prevent further breakouts. Aspirin has a natural acid which I think is referred to as beta hydroxy acid (BHA) which can be found in common face care products and such. This helps reduce inflamation while the clay deeps cleans your pores. The BHA also helps exofoliate the top layer of dead skin that can clogg your pores causing break outs. This is so cheap and effective. You should be able to find a cheap bottle of aspirin for a buck or so and the mask for about three bucks. Even after the first use of this mask, you will see how great your skin looks. It’s not earthshattering, but it helps. I have combination skin and it’s very sensitive, but this this did wonders for me.

Answer #1

Like with any face mask, you use this two to three times a week. NOTE: Word of caution, I know because of how amazing this will make your skin look, you WILL be tempted to use it more that two to three times a week, well, DON’T because you do NOT want to overdose on aspirin as it is absorbed through your skin into your system. This is known to cause Reyes syndrome in pregnant woman, so please don’t use it if you are pregnant. I don’t use more than four pills per a mixture, so I advise you do the same. The mask can be drying because it is so exfoilating, so be sure to use a good night time moisturizer and day time sunscreen. I use Walgreens brand Vitamin E cream at night and Cetaphil SPF lotion. during the day. This also helps decrease fine lines and flaky skin. For an added bonus, if you are prone to breakouts and blackheads, try using St. Ives Hydroxy Masque right after you wash off the aspirin mask. This will strip any remaining residue in your pores to further prevent breakouts and blackheads. It will make your pores look smaller and skin will look smoother. I am not kidding. I really look forward to this ritual because I love the glow it give my face. My skin is not perfect or flawless, but the way it looks now I am happy with. This Hydroxy mask can be found usually at a Walmart and is about $3. It is a gooey mess that you apply to your face, then let it dry and peel off. It looks kinda funky, but you won’t regret trying it.

Answer #2

it’s funny how I stumbled onto this topic.

I’ve been using the aspirin mask 3 times a week for about 4 months now. way before I read this note. and I can positively say personally that it works, but every skin type is different.

I use the aspirin mask, with one of those machine toothbrush to scrub instead of my fingers because it applies even pressure, and gets right into the skin.

aspirin mask has helped me have flawless skin, and the best is not only does it prevent, but if I have any pimples that are about to pop up in the near future, it brings it to the surface right away and goes away faster too.

I use the aspirin with honey though, not clay masks, because honey nurtures the skin, preventing the aspirin to over drying your face. you can also afterwards, put some egg whites on your face. I do this and it is the best combination for smoother, glowy, perfect looking skin.

if not comfortable with the aspirin idea, don’t try it, but really it is worth it.


Answer #3

I have suffered from terrible acne since I was about 11 (im 18 now) and I have tried everything under the sun to clear my skin I must agree, that clearasil simply caused me to break out more than ever before. Out of all the in-store acne solutions I have tried, Clean and clear has to be the best of all. They have a large variety of products that all do different things to your skin, so I find that even when I reccomend it to a friend, if it doesnt work for them, another Clean and clear product will. My favorites of all of them have to be the warming daily face scrub (which will make your skin dewy and soft) and the blackhead clearing night moisturizer which cleared black heads better than anything I have ever seen. Also, Proactive is definantly worth the price if you can afford it, unfortunatly I cant afford to use it like it is intended to be used, but I am happy to use clean and clear as my first runner up. Also, neither product dries your skin out…or at least it didnt for me.

(ps your aspirin idea is worth a try, maybe science is against the theory, but hey…science has been proved wrong before, and what do we have to lose? both the masque and the aspirin can be later used for other things, so, so what if it doesnt work?) Thanks, and I hope I was helpful.

Answer #4

Thank you Sue90 for you informative advice. I am not a scientist, but this has worked for me for the last couple months and my doctor has no complaints besides that whole overdosage thing which I have mentioned. And keep in mind what works for one person may not work for another.

Answer #5

K hunigirl first of all I am NOT black and second of all the way that u called me black was TOTALLY rude! and lots of people wont like u for that and 3rd of all I am just suggesting something u dont have to try it…u just want people to use your idea and if im suggesting something it might not wrk for u but it might wrk for someone els!

Answer #6

hey u know what u’ve came to the right person I am the queen of zits pimples break outs wateva but I’ve tried clearsil and it sucks… for me anyways it gave me about a quarter size pimple on my nose I swear so unless u want to b embarassed like I was then dont ise that and clean&clear made about 3 difeerent patches of breakouts both of those was about $15 and I c u are black and the best thing that works for black people is Ambi and that was about $7 but I have a suggestion u dont have to try it but I still have huge pimples and zits and such but I have learned by now the things that I cant change god wants to stay the same and with me sayin this I realized god wanted to me 2 c who ws my fren 4 me or 4 how I looked and unfortunately I lost some frenz since I stop trying ambi just because of my appearence but id rather have 2 real frenz then 6 fake ones hope u get what u need,xoxo hunigurl

Answer #7

Dear msmaliah, You’re really delivering Acetylsalicylic Acid to the skin - NOT Salicylic Acid, which is the active BHA. And just rubbing the Acetyl verision on your skin won’t make it convert to the Sal Acid version. Some of the acid is present in the Sal version, but it certainly isn’t an optimized dose. Sorry, but there is no possibility that crushed aspirin can clear the skin. Another story floating around the internet…in fact I read the exact word for word of your post by someone on another site. Sue…good luck

Answer #8

well…im no doctor so im goin to be on teh safe side and NOT try that instead if u have acne then try Clearasil…try it at night and then the next morning when u wake up u have less acne and if u use it daily or acne should be gone in about a week! it works I have been using it and it works wonders! I dont have that much acne but I still want to get rid of my acne…oh and if your a person whose parents dont let u use that kind of stuff then when the pimple appears get some ice and put it on your skin…this will decrease the redness…hope my advice is useful!

Answer #9

Cool thanks… I will try that some time…

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