What would your favorite screamo song be?

I love most screamo, just trying to get a feel for the most loved styles. so I can write some new songs for my band… Thanks

Answer #1

Some times I like tuned down screamo like Silverstein, where you have lyrics you can actually understand.

But on the other hand hardcore screamo like TDWP is amazing. Oooh, and you need to listen to Attack Attack, and Before their eyes. Eyes Set to Kill is great. I dislike Hawthorne Heights, but apparently some people like that. The lyrics are a bit too depressing for my taste. There’s also Atreyu! Bullet for my valentine… Escape the Fate is almost too mainstream for me, but chicks dig it. Sky Eats Airplane is pretty good too. I think that Bring Me the Horizon is alright.. But hotness factor isn’t the only thing to music, and they give me headaches. Sure Oli Sykes is hot but that’s basically it for me.

I love Smashed into Pieces by Silverstein and Html Rulez D00d is always epic. Silverstein and The Devil Wears Prada would be my top choices.

Answer #2

I think well timed, really good, on tune screamo vocals sound the best. If you’re looking for an example darling or violent kiss both by eyes set to kill are a really good example of what I’m talking about :)

Answer #3

well its always good..in my opinion to do a mix song of screamo and just regular vocals..like the chorus being screamo, and the verses being regular vocals.

Answer #4

I know all of those bands, im just looking to see if people like more singing, less screamo, or more screaming and less normal vocals, my band did a gig a few weeks back and we rocked, im writing some new songs and dont what I should do vocally, since I do 90% of the vocals… thanks… aaron

Answer #5

Screamo is an iffy subject for me-its a hit or miss because sometimes it can really get on my nerves. It also gets on my nerves when people mix up hardcore bands and screamo bands…but enough complaining(sorry.)
A song I listen to when I’m feeling down: “conversations with dr. seussicide”-I hate myself favorite screamo bands: I hate myself, I would set myself on fire for you, I wrote haikus of cannibalism in your yearbook, funeral diner, city of caterpillars, Circle takes square, etc…as I said: hit or miss

Answer #6

For me anyway I love all types of screamo bands, the more the better eventhough I do have a tendency to like it when they sing some and scream as well, some bands that I like are… Alesana Underoath Suicide Silence I Killed the Prom Queen Bring me the horizon Saosin Underoath As I lay Dying Job for a Cowboy Norma Jean Haste the day Blessthefall…and its just so much more but it all depends on the person some people like more scream and then some like less screams and more vocals, but I like it when its a little bit of bot, but a little bit more screams…and oh yeah good luck on your band..what kind of band are you in? more screams or less..

Answer #7

ohhh boy..there are some kick A$$ screamo bands out there, but they are all of their own category if you know what I mean..like here are some good bands..Oceano, Norma Jean, Haste The Day, Job for a Cowboy, Suffocate, As I lay Dying, All that remains, Asking Alexandria, White Chaple, Underoath…many more..but they are all fantastic bands!! look them up if you dont already know some of them :)

Answer #8

I don’t like too much screamo, buuut I do like

A day to remember - Since you’ve been gone. I know, I know! it’s a cover and yes, I know it’s only got like one line that is screamo in it, but that’s what I like.

I don’t like too much screamo, it reminds me of an old ‘friend’, I hate her. I can’t listen to BMTH, Brokencyde or forever the sickerst kids because of her :/ plah. bad memories.

Answer #9

7 years. Saosin.

Answer #10

uderoath black veil brides escape the fate and so much more you just gotta look man

Answer #11

The birds and the bees - breathe carolina

Answer #12

my band is kinda sorta like A Day To Remember, very high intensity aimed at younger kids like myself… but we add more screamo solos than adtr.

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