What would you do?

Ok friday me and my boyfriend and our son went to the grocery store and when we parked our car this couple got out of their car and had a baby that was like maby 6 months old well we live in missouri and friday was only like 48 degrees the baby had no socks or shoes or jacket on. It made me so mad but I dont like confrontation so I didnt say anything. What would you do?

Answer #1

Ughh..I hate when I see things like this. I see it all to often.

I think I would have said something in response to it being so cold. I would have also thrown a dig at them. Like, “Yeah, its hard to believe its April and I had to pull out the winter clothes again to keep my son warm”. This way it would be sorta friendly yet with a twist. lol

I dont like confrontation either but, I do have a mouth when I want one. I am bad sometimes with negative remarks. My hubby and I have been out and I have seen things and I would turn to him and say something about the couple next to us but, not to them. Just my husband. For example…I would have said I cant believe that baby has no coat or socks on! How would they (the parents) like to be without their warm attire on.

Here is one for ya. A while back, my family and I went to the mall which is like 45 minutes away. While there..this mom had her two children out and the baby who was maybe 6 months old was so sick (crying, boogery nose, nasty nasty croup cough). She also had a little girl about 2 years old in the back of this stroller. Well, she kept yelling to the baby to shut up. I was fuming! So, I turned to my husband and said, does she not realize how sick that baby is and she is yelling at him. I would never take our kids out that sick unless we were going to the doctors! At that point she made her way to the checkout and left.

My husband was mad at me for being I guess rude but, hopefully she took the baby home or to the doctors.

(sorry about writing a book here)

Next time just make remarks to your boyfriend and they will get the picture. Some will talk back and others will try to hide.

Answer #2

obviously since this happened in passing you do not know the family or their life circumstances, or even what may have caused them to have their baby underdressed. it is entirely possible that they were just sorely negligent parents…but it is also possible that there were circumstances beyond their control that contributed to their seemingly act of unfitness. our house burned down in january 2007, and everything we owned burned with it…the red cross came out on site and brought a few clothing items, but not shoes or jackets! not for any of us, and I had 3 children at the time and was pregnant myself! we were in pj’s and no shoes, no jackets, freezing outside at 6 in the morning, waiting for them to get there. they took us to a restaurant and bought us breakfast while we filled out paper work to recieve a prepaid visa card. the card was to cover the cost of food and some clothing. but when we left from our breakfast to go get the items, we still had no shoes or jackets. we had to walk into walmart in our bare feet! how embarrasing! could you imagine the looks we were getting! no one asked if we needed help, no one cared! they just cast a judgemental eye and made us feel as if we were unfit parents…as if we were not victimized enough by losing everything and narrowly escaping a raging housefire that left our home a total loss! My point is to be concerned enough to ask something simple like, “oh its chilly out here, I have an extra blanket for your baby if you need it.” this alone will give you that glimpse into the cause of the childs state of undress without acusing or causing the parent to feel judged. if they tell you that he/she is fine, you have your answer. but you may find they will take you up on it!

Answer #3

Dear adensmomma06, This awful and it happens all the time…what do we do when we see things like this. Do you say something knowing that if they are so irresponsible that they are going to say something nasty to you. Do you not say anything and hope for the best? Do you call children services? So you do nothing and hope for the best…that’s what most of the population would do. Do you call children’s services who will probably say okay we’ve taken your statement and will check it out…and don’t or do you say something…you may get an ear full but the thought that people are watching may change their behaviours after all. I always go for the latter unless there is physical abuse. At least they know someone is watching and perhaps will change their ways. Sue…good luck

Answer #4

Start by asking a question and act casual about it not all confrontable and accusing them of being bad parents. Just be like “awww is that your baby? he/she’s sooo cuteee” “Ohhh he/she looks cold” maybe you should put sumtin on her/him”

Answer #5

I agree with spaceyjc on this one. Asking that question would also reveal if they were abusive. If they replied with a favorable response then its safe to assume that they are hard up financially or some other way. If they respond with a witty sarcastic retort and tell you to back off then they are abusive.

Answer #6

ok the whole financial thing well no because the friggin parents had jackets on so no they were obviously not thinking of their child I have a 2 year old son and I would be damned if walked out of my house on a day that was 48 degrees and take the time to put a jacket on myself and not doing anything to make sure my young child is not going to be cold…bottom line the parents had jackets on the baby didnt that is clearly irresponsible and people like that dont deserve the blessing of having a child

Answer #7

Mind your own business

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