What to do if I'm not good enough for tennis?

What do you do when you think you cant do it ?

I play tennis and the only thing I want to do in the whole world is to make a career outta it and make it pro

but then I just thing what the hell is the point im not good enough so you even try and get there when I know im not going to

im 14 and I have only been playing tennis for about 1 year


Answer #1

alright heres some good knowledge, you know how athletes say they are blessed to have their talent, well thats a bunch of bs. yes they were born with better abilities but everyone has the potential to become a pro athlete and all. your young so you can work at it for a long time. only 8% of a person’s potential is used throughout their lifetime how weird is that? (8% I believe is the average amount, its either 8% or 6%)

Answer #2

TRY, TRY, TRY I’m a great believer, if you want it bad enough, you can achieve it Look at tennis as your drive! your hopes and your dreams you can live an amazing life as a pro tennis player IF YOU DARE TO DREAM :) and im sure you are good enough, if not, pratice makes perfect :) x good luck x

Answer #3

ha im your age too. try dont give up. I know a lot of people would say that but its true. if you like something better, do it! if you really dont want to do it, then dont. I would really try :)

Answer #4

I look at stars that acctuly made it to the finals; I’m only your age too ha. But I loook up to them and want to be that good, So I push myself harder then something else.

Answer #5

It depends. Some dreams are simply not realistic. Some things are just never going to happen. If you’re 4’9, you’re not going to be playing in the NBA. That is just a reality one has to accept. You can continue to play tennis. You can improve yourself. If it works out then it works out. In the mean while, dont forget about school. If you make it then you make it. If you dont, then oh well, you’ll find something else to do and you’ll continue to play tennis in your spare time.

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